Plastic Surgeon in Plano, TX Reveals Potential Pitfalls When Seeking a Breast Augmentation Procedure

Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Morrissey of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas has just revealed three things women thinking about a breast augmentation procedure need to know. To learn more please visit

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Morrissey, patients need to be educated on three major topics in order to make an informed decision on clinics and surgeons offering breast augmentation services.

1.) Recent advancements in the field

Dr. Morrissey advises that patients should be made aware of the risk and benefits of various treatments on the market, so they can be equipped with information to make the right decision for their treatment.

For instance, in recent years, there has been more and more interest in fat transfer breast augmentation, which uses liposuction to extract fat and transfer it to the breasts. Even though proponents of this procedure claim it is a good way to give natural-looking results, Dr. Morrissey warns of the potential risks.

“The changes that can occur to the breast after fat grafting during augmentation procedures can often lead to unclear mammogram screenings and disguise breast cancer from being detected with the type of screen imaging technology available today.”

2) Sizes and types of implants

If a patient decides to receive implants for breast augmentation, then they will need to consider the size of the implant.

According to Dr. Morrissey, implants that are too large for the patient can be unnaturally heavy, resulting in neck, shoulder, and back pain. These types of problems mirror complaints from patients wishing to undergo breast reduction surgery.

Another poorly understood aspect of breast augmentation is what Dr. Morrissey refers to as the amount of “cohesivity” of molecules in silicon gel found in implants.

When asked about varying levels of cohesivity in implants, Dr. Morrissey said, “At one end of the spectrum, the implant is closer to a solid and the other end is more of a gel. For people who are looking for a natural feel and appearance, we would go with a mid-range gel in terms of cohesion.”

3.) Qualifications matter

As a certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Morrissey says that finding the right surgeon is the key to having a successful breast augmentation experience.

“This is by far your most important decision”, he says.

“To ensure your surgeon is truly specially trained in plastic surgery, check out the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website

“The surgeons listed on this site have completed an accredited training program in Plastic Surgery and have achieved certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to perform both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and body. Beware of surgeons espousing their certification in other official sounding “boards”. They may not be specifically trained in plastic surgery or surgery at all!”

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