Plastic Printing Company Producing PPE Face Shields

The Minnesota-based plastic printing company, Plastic Printers, has pivoted its business to help in light of the COViD_19 crisis. They are directing their resources to the design and construction of PPE Face Shields, designed to keep key workers safe.

Plastic Printers, a company that specializes in printing gift cards, business cards, and other plastic products, is, like many businesses, facing a major change due to the COVID-19 crisis. As a result, they have decided to aid the fight against the Coronavirus. Utilizing their experience in plastic printed items of all shapes and sizes, they are now offering PPE face shields that are designed to help their wearers stay safe, decreasing their likelihood of aiding in the transmission of COVID-19.

Bringing plastic printing expertise to the fight against COVID-19
The team at Plastic Printers, based in Minnesota, has pivoted their business, ensuring their production resources are now directed first and foremost at the production of their PPE face shields. This change was made in order to help alleviate the shortage of personal protection gear in the face of the COVID-19 fight. By helping more people better protect themselves and those around them, Plastic Printers aims to help essential workers keep safe and to preserve as many jobs as possible.

PPE for medical professionals, dentists, doctors, and veterinarians
These clear PPE face shields have been designed and made to ensure both the protection and the comfort of those wearing them. They are a one-size-fits-all transparent screen suspended by an elastic band, with a foam strip that cushions the forehead. They act as a barrier to the facial areas and mucous membranes, complete with full visibility and fog resistance. They are easy to clean and reusable with proper sanitation and entirely made in the USA.

The measurements of the PPE Face Shields provided are on the website. However, for those who have any additional questions or those who require specifications not covered by the equipment currently being sold, they can get in touch and Plastic Printers can customize the design that meets their needs.

To learn more about the team, their PPE face shields, and what they’re doing to help in the battle against the Coronavirus, visit the Plastic Printers website. Any further updates to their business and the services they provide will continue to be published directly on their website.


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