Plantar Fasciitis Headquarters Publishes At-Home Methods to Cure Foot Pain

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Plantar fasciitis pain can often be cured or greatly reduced with home methods, reports

Plantar fasciitis can be one of the most vexing types of foot pain. It involves the inflammation of the plantar fascia, a ligament that runs from the heel along the bottom of the foot. Pain starts at the ligament's connection point at the heel, but can also involve the entire foot bottom. This pain is often sharp and severe, and can make walking exceptionally difficult.

"There are many ways to treat the pain of plantar fasciitis," said Roger Little of Plantar Fasciitis Headquarters ( ), a site dedicated to providing advice and techniques for curing the problem. "While most of these methods don't provide a true cure, they can greatly relieve the discomfort and allow people to get back on their feet."

Some of these methods are simple, and while they don't offer a full plantar fasciitis cure at home, they do allow sufferers to see whether a more involved home cure is likely to work. One example is simply to ice the affected parts of the foot for 15 minutes. If the pain subsides, it is likely that other non-invasive cures will provide more lasting relief.

Another excellent at-home method for curing plantar fasciitis is to do stretching exercises. These exercises are focused on the calf, and involve leaning in towards a wall or other stable surface. The affected foot should be the leading one, and the knee should be bent during the exercise. Hold the pose for a few seconds to stretch the calf muscle. It turns out that this muscle is also involved with the attachment of the plantar fascia, so the ligament will get stretched at the same time. This can greatly relieve the pain if done a few times a day for about three or four weeks. Some speculate that this works because it helps to reduce the tension on the inflamed ligament.

Other methods used to cure plantar fasciitis require the help of a medical professional. Steroids can be injected directly into the painful area to reduce the inflammation via chemical means. For patients who respond to the treatment, relief can be almost immediate. Those who need to be on their feet much of the day will often go for one of these speedy relief methods.

"Surgery to release the plantar fascia from the heel bone is often considered a last resort by foot doctors even though it usually provides immediate relief," Little said. "Many surgeons won't do the procedure until all other measures has been tried and pain has persisted for an entire year. Not only that, but many patients would rather avoid surgery anyway. These things drive people to look for home cures for their foot pain, and often, the pain can indeed be relieved through simple, at-home practices."

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