PiYo Review Published by Jamie Staff To Highlight Unique New Fitness Solution

PiYo is a new fitness regime based on dynamic pilates and yoga forms devised by Chalene Johnson, and Jamie Staff has published an in-depth review for potential users to find out more.

Losing weight is most easily achieved through getting fit, but getting fit is something few people can do without help and guidance. While plenty of guidance is now available, that itself creates new problems, as different programs work better for different people, and all have different objectives, including cutting fat, building muscle, toning, flexibility and more. The PiYo system from BeachBody has now been reviewed by Jamie Staff to provide insight on how the combination of pilates and yoga can redefine body image.

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The review describes the theoretical formulation of the program and how it has drawn on its inspirations to provide a dynamic array of exercises designed to keep the body guessing, enhancing flexibility and core strength while melting away fat.

The review describes how the program works, who it works for, what users get from the program including routines and bonuses, the schedule, where is best to purchase the program and a conclusion.

In addition, the site has published supplementary editorials including a biography of the trainer Chalene Johnson, who created the program, a frank appraisal of its effectiveness and a detailed breakdown of what is included in each of the workouts.

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A spokesperson for Jamie Staff explained, “In order to review the program, we have had to submit ourselves to the program in order to get an accurate appraisal of how effective it is, and we are pleased to say that the program is hugely effective for both men and women. Its major advantages are that it actually helps the body resist injury or burnout while reshaping and defining muscles, and cutting fat fast. It also requires no expensive gym equipment, meaning everyone can benefit from their own living room.”

About Jamie Staff:
Jamie Staff is a fitness enthusiast writing about the latest trends and workout programs to provide independent and insightful consumer advice to those looking to transform their bodies. The site currently has several features on the PiYo program devised by Chalene Johnson. For more information please visit: http://www.jamiestaff.com/

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