Pixo Blaster – A video software helps marketer easily customize any video to boost engagement on their website

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Most marketers today need to have videos to boost visitor engagement on their website, but hiring a pro spokesperson costs them a large budget. With Pixo Blaster, marketers now can have an easier and cheaper way to get pro real human spokesperson for their video.

PixoBlaster is a powerful video marketing software programs which allows marketers to easily add the most critical element of video marketing: “real human interaction” and make their visitors take action. Moreover, it helps them transform an old boring video into an attractive video within two minutes.

See the demo of Pixo Blaster here

Marketers can create a video with just a few steps: insert an image of office or surgery as a background image behind the spokesperson, then add a lower third to show specific business name and phone number, and finally, add close the deal with a proven to convert spokesperson videos.

Here are some powerful features inside Pixo Blaster:

15+ professional spokespersons: They worked closely with the best spokespersons and copywriters to make sure each intro will fit marketers’ needs & niches and boost the video marketing results like they have never seen before.

Features over 40+ niches: The producers worked hard and blasted a ton of surveys to make sure the product have the best intro/outros for the most profitable niches.

Thus, Pixo Blaster is ideal for several niches such as Affiliate, Amazon, CPA Software, Fitness, Video Marketing, Ads Conversion, Email Marketing, SEO Tools, Website Conversion, Review Videos, Offline, Real Estate, Doctor, Wood Working, Dog Training, Financial.

100+ intro and outro spokesperson videos: Users can pick from a vast collection of professional intros & outros which are proven to increase retention rate, captivate their audience, and increase engagements.

Easy to use interface: The steps of Pixo Blaster is relatively simple to use. Users can quickly follow the process, and their video will be done. This is a windows software which enables users to control everything they are adding inside the software from their desktop. They can add auto download videos from Youtube, Auto add watermarks, add lower thirds to their video, or even remove the green screen from the videos.

A more powerful feature of Pixo Blaster can be found on their official site when clicking here.

Also, Pixo Blaster software gives marketers the way to get their own portfolio of pro video spokespersons by having professional actors on top of all their video, customizing the background and music for maximum conversion, or adding lower third graphics to show specific product names and contact information. Now, marketers have capability to create any video and customize it for themselves within a few minutes.

The concerned readers may figure out more specific information in Pixo Blaster Review and Demo.

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