PixeBolt: A Drag And Drop Editor Helps Marketers To Create Professional Graphic And Video Within Minutes

People want to increase traffic to their page by many ways like paying hundreds of dollars for a designer or learning to work with complicated software. Now there’s a powerful editing tool just launched that helps them to do it themselves.

PixelBolt is a WordPress plugin that assists users to create a video, logo, flyer, banner, t-shirt and even optimizes their site easily within minutes. It is an idea tool for amazing graphics and artificial videos without having to wait for render and exporting.

Agus Sakti – a Graphic President, happily shared: “Speechless! Seriously, my first impression with PixelBolt: it's super easy to use. I really love the Opt-in / Lead capture feature in the Video Editor. I've been involved in product launch for over three years, and this feature will help me to capture more email leads. PixelBolt will be very powerful for my business.”

This all in one Suite is fully equipped with a set of three unique features and over a hundred of templates and videos inside.
• Feature 1: Graphic Creator
Including 700 Templates and 3,000 graphic assets that help users to create a beautiful banner, logo, flyer, Instagram ads, Fb cover, youtube thumbnail and many other graphic projects.
• Feature 2: Advanced Video Editor
Create Video Without rendering or exporting and publish it to the website immediately.
• Feature 3: T-Shirt Creator
Including thousands of graphic assets that allow users to create professional shirt projects without having to deal with complicated tools.
And they still have more amazing features which help users to create studio graphic and video quickly.
• Advanced video layer
Users can easily manage their layer and illustrated asset
• Hundreds of Google font
Hundreds of Google font inside for a better design
• HTML inside video
Users can put custom HTML code inside your video as easy as copy and paste
• Video pop-up
Videos appear as a pop-up on your site and draw steal visitor attention
• Shapes
Their editable custom shapes make the design beautiful and super flexible
• Basic editing
Including some basic editing tools such as crop, rotate, undo, redo, and resize
• Lightning fast upload
Users can upload media from their computer in one sec even the image size is 10MB
• Save and Open
The copy and paste process is easily conducted
• Highest design quality
Users can accumulate and export design created in a high resolution
• Hundreds T-shirt Mockup
Hundreds of t-shirt mockup with various types such as basic t-shirt, long sleeve, hoodie, sleeveless, and tees for kid
• Save Resource
Including 3,700+ (or 10,000+ in PixelBolt Plus) templates and assets. They optimize the asset, and users just pick asset or templates and start working without worrying about the server
• World Class Support
Users can maximize the use of PixelBolt in highest possibility and receive enthusiastic support.
PixelBolt can help any kind businesses and marketers such as:
• E-Commerce
• Instagram Marketer
• TeeSpring
• Blogger
• Internet Marketer
• CPA Marketer
• Affiliate Marketer

Besides Ironclad 30-day money back guarantee, the company is also offering three special bonuses to increase the customer experience once they use PixelBolt
1. Monthly FREE Customer Only gift
Users will get exclusive access to RootPixel's premium customer, and the premium customer will get at least one premium customer gift each month. The customer only gift can be graphic templates, video templates, software and much more.
2. Hundreds of Corporate Powerpoint Slide Templates
Users can create professional presentation using powerpoint
3. Hundreds of Explainer Video Powerpoint Slide Templates
Easily create professional explainer video using the only powerpoint
4. Hundreds of Ready To Use Characters
Huge character various formats and poses that allow users to combine and import it inside PixelBolt too.

Adhitya Tri – a Digital Product Sale felt excited and stated: “Two words to describe PixelBolt complete and easy to use. It's complete because we can create any design we can think of, and easy to use because it's as easy as drag and drop, and there are thousands of graphic assets and templates inside PixelBolt that allow me to create professional design faster than ever. It's gonna be super fun!”

The great part is that users can still create a fantastic design using any device, even if only using their smartphone and run any project they have such as Fb ads, Google ads, Instagram marketing, Teespring projects, and nearly every design projects like the logo, banner, business card, flyer and more.

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