Pittsburgh Chiropractor Uses Social Media to Help Millions of People Stuck at Home

Dr. Brian Meenan used social media to help patients stuck at home during the outbreak of COVID-19. His influential content on TikTok and Instagram have impacted the lives of millions of people around the world.

Dr. Brian Meenan of the Pittsburgh, PA based Premier Chiropractic Clinic achieves TikTok fame, having built an audience of more than 650K followers over the past year since he first started making videos. At the start of the 2020 global pandemic, Dr. Meenan took to social media to help others who could not leave their homes to get help for their aches and pains. Pursuing a goal of sharing weekly tips, helpful videos and funny patient interactions to improve his online community’s lifestyles, his channel now boasts a combined 60+ million video views and 4+ million likes. Today, he considers it his duty to share whatever information he can that will help those who cannot visit his chiropractic office in person. Find Dr. Meenan on TikTok at the following link: @drbrian_chiropractor.

According to Dr. Meenan, he has also been involved with TikTok on several campaigns to promote education and learning by using certain sounds and hashtags on his channel. Those who have seen — and been impacted in a positive way by Dr. Brian's videos — have driven far or flown by plane just to get adjusted by him at his chiropractic office in Pittsburgh, PA.

Chronic pain, for instance, is a common theme among the chiropractic clinic’s patients, and this is an area that the Premier Chiropractic Clinic team specializes in fixing. However, not everyone can seek professional assistance when they experience such pain, which is why they might be inclined to look up simple fixes that they can do at home. While his videos feature the tongue-in-cheek presentation that many associate with TikTok, he also strives to include exercises and other pieces of information that his viewers can use to improve their lives.

One example of this is a video in which he demonstrates a simple exercise someone could do to alleviate their back pain. In other videos, he shows a quick method of identifying the true source of shoulder pain, shares a list of healthy foods that should be in every diet and responds to a message from his audience that asks for advice on sleeping with less discomfort. His Instagram channel is very similar, though Dr. Meenan shares helpful images as well as videos on this platform. Notably, his Instagram account has also achieved over 15k followers. Find and connect with the chiropractor on Instagram through the following link: @pittsburgh_chiropractor.

Premier Chiropractic Clinic is led by Dr. Brian Meenan and Dr. Ellora Pollard, two widely respected chiropractors who have long made it their mission to help patients find relief from pain as well as a host of other conditions that may be holding them back from living their lives to their full potential. The team relies on a variety of techniques and therapies to achieve this, from spinal manipulation, muscle release and electric muscle stimulation to cupping therapy, laser therapy and so on.

Chiropractors in general may be best known for their ability to use spinal manipulation to restore function and motion in a patient’s body. Utilizing gentle pressure and focused thrusts (on occasion) upon the body at certain positions, adjustments of this nature are known to improve many conditions. Patients regularly stop by Premier Chiropractic Clinic, for instance, to seek relief from back pain, neck pain, headaches, ankle sprains, disc herniations and more. With both a male and female chiropractor on the team, the clinic is also able to provide patients with a choice on who will attend their session.

“After a car accident, I was unable to move my back/neck and was in so much pain,” shares a 5-Star Google review from patient Ashley. “A few visits with Dr. Brian, and I was able to move so much better! If you're considering going to a chiropractor, this is the place to go to! Dr. Brian and August are super friendly, never make you feel uncomfortable and always have you feeling better after each appointment!” The clinic has received 100+ reviews from patients that paint a highly positive light of their services, many of which are proudly shared on the clinic’s official website and Google Business listing here: Premier Chiropractic Clinic

The clinic's website offers additional insight on their chiropractic treatment and services as well, and patients may contact Dr. Brian Meenan of Premier Chiropractic Clinic to follow up on any further inquiries. Alternatively, they may use the website to schedule an appointment at their convenience.

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