Pippin Contemporary Art Gallery Announces Relocation To Canyon Road

The gallery is making the move to The World Renown Art District of Canyon Road on May 1st, 2013.

After a successful two year run at their Lincoln Avenue location, Pippin Contemporary is making a triumphant return this May to where it all began—Canyon Road. Situated on the coveted corner of Canyon and Paseo de Peralta, Pippin’s new space will anchor the famed art road, leading the pack with an expanded inventory and sculpture garden. Pippin’s artists range from abstract art to colorful landscapes and abstracted figurative paintings, Pop art, glass sculpture, kinetic sculpture, colorful steel and bronze pieces.

In celebration of their relocation to 200 Canyon Road, Pippin Contemporary is introducing some fresh creative talent to the gallery. Artists Jim LaPaso, Nic Noblique, Troy Pillow, and Greg Reiche will all be showing their work in the new location. Each artist brings a unique aesthetic sensibility to the table that both complements and enhances the gallery’s existing oeuvre.

Jim LaPaso’s kinetic sculptures represent an exciting addition to Pippin Contemporary’s artistic roster. LaPaso’s pieces are explorations of the intersection between movement and balance. Buoyant and dynamic, the sculptures undergo continual transformation and take on a life of their own as they are in constant conversation and connection with their surroundings.

Abstract sculptor Nic Noblique will also be showing in Pippin Contemporary’s new gallery and sculpture garden. Despite being made from heavy salvaged steel, his designs appear bouncy, radiant, and airy. Sweeping lines coil and entwine around one another, providing the sculptures with a dramatic presence that challenges the eye to see in new ways.

Greg Reiche’s sculptures are meditations on the relationships between nature and human consciousness. Monoliths, wedges, and arcs are prominent in Reiche’s repertoire and provide visual strength to his pieces. Blending elemental forms with contemporary design, Reiche’s sculptures serve as expressions of connectivity and collective identity.

Seattle-based artist Troy Pillow also creates sculptures inspired by organic and geometric forms. By incorporating both metal and glass into his designs, Pillow’s pieces “create a union of ease between modern design and nature, blending fluidity with their environment and elements.” Kinetic factors serve to heighten the visual impression of the sculptures, as “both viewer and sculptor react to the same force.” The evocative simplicity of Pillow’s modernist aesthetic imbue his work with a sense of fluidity, harmony, and elegance.

Pippin Contemporary will be relocating to 200 Canyon Road the first week of May. Immediate details regarding this can be found by contacting Ashley at 505-795-7476.

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