PIMYU Aims To Be Ultimate Personal Expense Management Tool of Daily Expenses

NEW YORK, NY / March 24, 2014 Free, simple and easy, PIMYU offers a convenient way for people to stay on top of their day-to-day activities by providing a clearer picture of where their money goes and how far they are from their financial goals.

Financial responsibility is essential to make ends meet and achieve personal financial goals, particularly in a volatile economy. Healthy spending habits and a conscious effort to track all personal and household financial matters can help ensure a brighter future. PIMYU is the latest tool to help individuals and families take control of their money matters all in one place, easy, simple and free.

PIMYU was developed to answer the pressing need for individuals and families to keep track of daily expenses and cash flow within the household. Commonly, saving plans and targets are often overlooked, mainly due to the lack of time or simply because of inability to proper manage activities on a day-to-day basis.

However, PIMYU changes all that with its free web app. PIMYU users can start utilizing their member panel and access their information they had stored. The financial management solution for families offers efficient tracking of cash flow, set budget and track bills.

"PIMYU is family-friendly. It comes with easy-to-use reporting and analytics that quickly summarizes and details financial reports," said PIMYU. "By using full visuals like graphs and charts, users can easily evaluate and analyze the emerging patterns and trends of their expenses," the company added.

With practical money management and convenience in mind, the PIMYU team developed the tool as a single integrated solution. The tool also has an upload feature through which all receipts can be saved and uploaded. It is also fully customizable for all account holders in order to manage a number of family members. It allows them to each participate and provide their own inputs for managing the household's finances.

In offering an easy to use web app, PIMYU ensures that all data is securely stored on the cloud, where they are preserved and accessible anytime and anywhere. This enables users to also track their home inventory along with their other information. According to PIYMU, this can organize important documents such as instructions, warranty information and insurance documents safely and securely.

"The free Inventory Module makes it easy to record your belongings for insurance purposes. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that once logged, your inventory data is in a safe, secure place just a click away," said PIYMU. "If and when such a time comes that you need to access this information, you are well prepared."

To ensure the safety of all data, users are not required to input personal identifying information or bank and credit card account information. Communications on the PIMYU.com site are encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

"Through our innovative inventory and time tracking module, PIYMU plans to expand as new features evolve," added the company.

Learn more about PIMYU Web App solution for easy online management of personal data by visiting http://www.pimyu.com to register for free.


PIMYU is the ultimate tool to help individuals and families log, track, and manage their life activities in a controlled, easy, and secure environment. With PIMYU anyone can track and manage their expenses, daily cash movements, saving goals, home inventory, jobs and time worked, plus to-dos and reminders.

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