Piles Treatment In Chennai Specialist The Laser Gastroenterology Clinic Marks the 35th Year Of Clinical Operations

The Chennai Laser Gastro Clinic for hemorrhoids, fissure and fistula issues specializes offers the benefits of their state-of-the-art therapy and techniques for the many patients who visited the clinic over the last 35 years of operations.

The Chennai Laser Gastro Clinic is pleased to announce that they have been providing excellent healthcare services and the latest techniques for piles treatment in Chennai for over 35 years. Years ago, the clinic launched the City's first Ho-YAG laser treatment facility for piles. In the last three and a half decades the hospital has treated more than 3684 patients with hemorrhoids in Chennai City. In addition to laser therapy, the clinic's informative website provides a number of educational and health tips on the topic of preventing hemorrhoids and other gastrointestinal problems

The burden of piles/hemorrhoids affects at least 1 in 10 men. Piles are nothing but swollen blood vessels found in the anus or rectal region. They can cause severe pain and bleeding. Piles, when left untreated, can also be itchy and deteriorate the quality of one's day to day life. The HO-YAG laser at Chennai Laser Gastro Clinic is effective in removing hemorrhoids in a bloodless manner.

As one of the premier hospitals for piles surgery in Chennai, the doctors always start with a simple history taking and rectal exam by trained hemorrhoid professionals. Wherever possible, the clinic has been proactive in treating patients with simple medical lines of management. Where the piles are very large, a simple laser surgery is being successfully used to treat patients in a daycare fashion. Patients will usually recover in less than 24 hours.

The Clinic boasts highly skilled specialists who have spent years training in the treatment of gastroenterology problems and then spent additional time training specifically in laser treatment.

All this treatment translates to virtually painless surgery being done with early recuperation for the patient. Cost of treatment is also kept to a minimum and the laser treatment technique is being done for patients at meager 800 USD. Affordable quality of care for all has always been the clinic's motto.

Additional Educational tools with an aim to prevent piles which are available on the website include suggestions for non-surgical relief of the condition. Some interesting examples are the use of home or mobile sitz baths, eating bananas, exercise, food choices, and increased water intake.

The Clinic's central location in T Nagar, Chennai makes it highly accessible to all.

Friendly nursing staff and administrative personnel abound and look after the patient's every need. The clinic's warmth and personal touch are unparalleled in the city.

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