Pijio Inc.'s King Chef Creates Digital Thermometer To Not Just Promote Good Cooking But Health Awareness

King Chef, maker of quality and durable grill tools, launches a new best selling product for cooking enthusiasts.

Pijio Inc.'s King Chef has launched its latest product, the King Chef Barbecue Digital Thermometer and Timer, helping cook enthusiasts bake and cook at a wide range of temperatures. Brett Gibson, Co-Founder of King Chef, commented, "We're very excited to have our new digital thermometer available to our customers. The cooking thermometer and timer will not only check the temperature of food, but will help make sure it is safe to eat and is customizable for the user's preferences."

The King Chef Barbecue Digital Thermometer and Timer features 2 stainless steel, long prongs, magnetic backing for refrigerators, an LCD touchscreen with bright blue backlight for clear display, a thermometer stand and 2 AAA batteries. The thermometer is small, compact, and easy to clean. Gibson also ensures the product instructions are well written and easy to follow for operating. In addition, the thermometer has quick responding touchscreen buttons, a switch option for Farenheit and Celsius settings and contains 8 preset modes for cooking meats not limited to beef, pork, chicken, turkey, veal, lamb, ham and fish. There are also a variety of cooking settings such as well, medium, medium rare and rare plus 1 programmable mode. The King Chef Digital instant read thermometer acts as a kitchen timer as well to easily keep track of how long food has been cooking and will read the temperature in just seconds.

The thermometer and timer is designed with three different color options—black, white and silver to compliment kitchen appliances. Gibson mentioned the company has been receiving great feedback from its customer along with 5 star ratings on Amazon.com. One Amazon customer reviewed, “This is super easy to use! I used to have an instant read grill thermometer, however I could never remember the correct cook temp for meats. I love that this has the correct temps built in!!!! Takes the guess work out of a perfectly cooked meat!! And it's great that you can select the temp you prefer for certain things like the cook on beef whether you want it well done or medium rare. It shows the correct temp and the temp that the meat is currently. Great purchase!!"

In addition, Gibson discussed the health benefits of using a meat thermometer. “Part of our commitment is to go beyond customer’s needs. We believe that cooking healthy should go hand in hand with delicious cooking which is why we created King Chef Digital Thermometer and Timer. Having a thermometer is as significant as having other grill tools when cooking meats. Meat, especially poultry, are prone to be source of foodborne diseases and one way to kill harmful bacterias and other illness-causing organisms is to ensure that meat is cooked with proper temperatures. The King Chef company looks forward to of providing quality yet affordable cooking essentials to our customers. "

The King Chef Barbecue Digital Thermometer and Timer is available on Amazon.com and comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

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