Pijio Inc.'s All New Cold Brew Coffee Maker Promotes Healthy And Great Tasting Coffee

As the popularity of cold brew coffee continues to rise, Pijio Inc. has created a coffee pitcher that offers functionality and style.

Pijio Inc. introduces its all new Cold Brew Coffee Maker for not only making cold brew coffee at home but promoting its positive health benefits. Brett Gibson, co-founder of Pijio Inc. commented, "As a daily coffee drinker, I thought it was time our company created a cold brew coffee maker for our customers. One that is easy to use and makes delicious tasting coffee. We believe this cold brew coffee maker will become one of our successful top selling products."

The Pijio Cold Brew Coffee Maker is made of strong and durable borosilicate glass with all BPA free plastics making for a healthier and long lasting choice. The pitcher can hold up to 44 fluid ounces (1.3 Liters) and has a fine mesh strainer for keeping coffee grounds grounded and allowing the coffee maker to be used for loose leaf teas. The cold brew coffee maker also features a large spout and cap opening for easy pouring, an ergonomically friendly handle for more control while pouring and a silicone base bumper to protect the coffee maker and kitchen counters. In addition, the cold brew coffee maker is designed with an airtight seal, allowing coffee to stay fresh for up to 2 weeks.

Cold Brew Coffee has become popular in the last several years, with a growing base of coffee enthusiasts and easy access to every day coffee drinkers. "With the warm weather, people are looking for iced and cold beverages. The cold brew coffee maker allows coffee drinkers to not only have cold brew coffee easily available to them, but can save money by making it themselves." said Gibson. The cold brewer process involves adding ground coffee and water to a pitcher. The pitcher is then sealed by the filter being inserted just under the coffee maker cap. The pitcher is then placed in the refrigerator and left for 12-36 hours. The longer the coffee is left, the stronger the cold brew will be. Lastly, the filter is removed when a desired coffee strength is achieved. Because the coffee is concentrated, the user should add water or milk and the coffee can be enjoyed.

Several benefits of drinking cold brew coffee include that the coffee has a smooth and sweeter taste, compared with some bitter hot coffees. Because the coffee beans are brewed by a cold brewing method, the coffee becomes less acidic, making cold brew coffee a great choice for those with acid sensitivity. With the lower levels of acidity, cold brew coffee has become a healthier, alkaline and pH balanced choice as opposed to hot brewed coffee.

Selling innovative products has always been part of Pijio Inc.'s mission and the company looks forward to the cold brew coffee maker becoming an important product meeting a need of coffee lovers. “As a small company, we are working hard to make sure that our products are quality, affordable and meet the needs of our customers. We're very excited for the launch of our new cold brew coffee maker", said Gibson.

The Pijio Inc. Cold Brew Coffee Maker will be available on Amazon.com coming this August 2016 with a 100% money back guarantee.

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