Piano Wizard Academy issues “Summer Challenge” To Learn 50 Songs in 10 Weeks.

Learning to play piano can be a difficult task for many. But a beginner can learn to play 50 songs in just 10 weeks. What sounds like an impossible task is actually “possible and fun” according to this leader in the piano learning software market.

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On July 1st 2016, Music Wizard Next Gen launched their very first Summer Challenge, featuring their flagship product Piano Wizard Academy. The contest will run approximately 10 weeks through September 15th. Music Wizard has challenged their customers to learn to play a least 50 songs on the piano over the summer.

Founder and game creator Chris Salter was asked if children can really average about a song a day, 5 days a week with the program.

“Yes. By playing the game system as designed less than a half hour a day, they can do that and more” said Salter. “What Piano Wizard Academy does is allow them to master the mechanics of the song very quickly through the gameplay, including the reading and fingering. After that it is about polishing the performance. There’s no more deciphering and struggle just to learn the piece.

“That happens automatically by playing the game and moving through the game’s 5 steps. The videos coach parents how to get them off the game and to help them bring the art of music to their performance in a joyful way, like icing on the cake.”

It may sound too good to be true, but after hundreds of thousands of customers, hundreds of rave reviews, testimonials and videos online, they feel confident to issue the challenge.

Here is one recent quote from a customer

“Just had to write and say ‘Thank You’. Installed the program last night. Today is Saturday and the kids (12 and 11 years old) are still in their pajamas. They had been playing Piano wizard all morning. They have already mastered song 10. Have to say that it is so much fun that the parents have been playing too. Love it. Thanks so much.”

– The Uling Family

“This is a challenge of focus and follow through to get to 50, but the accomplishments will stack up every day, and almost anyone can learn at least 20 or 30 songs in that time frame. Whatever they accomplish, just trying will result in a major leap in their musicality in just a couple months. If anyone follows the guidelines, they literally cannot fail to learn. It is automatic, and fun.”

A special Facebook group has been set up where customers can share their progress and experiences. At the end of the contest, winners will be announced.

Piano Wizard hopes the challenge will be so successful that it will become an annual event, and is searching for bonus prizes to add to the current cash prizes.

For product and company information visit www.pianowizardacademy.com. Media members may contact Chris Salter at (813) 505- 2995 or chris @ musicwizard dot com.

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