Physiotherapy Clinic Introduces Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is now available as a treatment from Phoenix Rehab. It is hoped the treatment will provide additional healing benefits for all patients.

Phoenix Rehab is pleased to announce that they are now offering extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) to patients. The procedure can be used to support patients with a range of painful issues including musculoskeletal pain and sports injuries.

The treatment is non-invasive and triggers a mild inflammatory response. This leads to higher levels of metabolic activity around different pain points. Due to this, the healing process is accelerated for tendon disorders as well as back or lower limb conditions.

Throughout the procedure, rapid impulses are triggered at different frequencies and power levels. The shockwaves that are created will penetrate several different levels of tissue. Many patients will feel almost immediate relief when provided with this form of therapy due to a pain-numbing effect.

The procedure is also able to improve blood flow and increase tissue repair. This can occur in any area of the body that has been damaged over an extended period of time.

Shockwave therapy is suitable for treating a range of conditions from chronic pain to tennis elbow and tight calf muscles or even runner’s knee.

About Phoenix Rehab Group

An integrated and experienced physiotherapy group, Phoenix Rehab helps patients with a range of health conditions. The group works with specialists in rehab to ensure that patients can always access the full support they need.

The company can not provide support for every issue a patient may experience. However, they are able to refer clients to professionals who can provide additional levels of support for more specific problems and concerns. They aim to be the number one solution for both musculoskeletal injuries as well as issues with orthopaedics.

Their main goal is to ensure that all patients can be provided with the support that they need to overcome the pain that they are experiencing and gain more from their life. Every member of the time is passionate about providing the right level of support to every patient. They encourage any patient suffering from pain to explore the services they offer.

The company is constantly exploring fresh ways to help their patients and this does include introducing new treatment possibilities. ESWT is just the latest option that Phoenix Rehab is using to ensure that they continue to offer their patients the latest and best medical treatment for relief.

More information about Phoenix Rehab can be found on the clinic website. Alternatively, the clinic can be contacted directly using the details that are provided below.

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