Photive Applauds Apple’s Bold Move To Ditch Headphone Jack, Says Future Is Officially Wireless

Electronics and phone accessory company Photive says the bold move by Apple to drop the 3.5 mm headphone jack from its latest iPhone is a clear representation that people are ready to ditch the wires from all their electronics.

The future is bound to be wireless now that electronics powerhouse Apple has ditched the 3.5 mm audio jack on its latest iPhone, the team at electronics and phone accessory company Photive says.

Apple made a splash recently when it unveiled its newest mobile phone and revealed that it would not have the familiar little port that has been on countless audio electronics for decades. Instead, the latest iPhone will only work with proprietary Apple Bluetooth headphones.

The dropping of the audio jack has Photive president Ian Sakkal smiling, as he believes this is a clear indication that people are ready to embrace a wireless future.

“I was just as surprised as everyone else when I heard the new iPhone wouldn’t have an audio jack, but then I thought about it a bit and it really makes sense,” Sakkal said. “If Photive’s sales are anything to go by, people were already ditching their wired audio equipment and turning to Bluetooth. Seeing a major electronics company getting on board with the wireless revolution that’s going on -- to the point where you can’t even use wired headphones with their latest product -- is probably about the best indication that most, if not all, audio electronics are going to rely on Bluetooth rather than wires from now on.”

A seemingly inevitable wireless future is good news for Photive, which primarily manufactures and sells wireless audio equipment. The company recently released its HF1 Bluetooth Headphones and also recently released the G1 Sweatproof Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds and the BTE5 Sweatproof Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.

More people are prioritizing convenience in their electronics, Sakkal says, but they don’t want to sacrifice sound quality to do that. This opens a legitimate niche for a company like Photive to fill, as it places a high priority on both convenience and superb sound quality.

“Dropping wires totally does come with risks, obviously,” Sakkal said. “One of the knocks on Bluetooth is that some devices have a difficult time connecting with it and signals can get dropped. But, technology is always improving and now with the new iPhone having come out leaving people who want it no choice but to go wireless, this should hasten improvements to wireless audio technology making it even better than it already is. At Photive, we’ve always tried to stay ahead of the curve in our industry, so to us, seeing Apple drop the headphone jack on its newest product tells us we are going in the right direction in choosing to focus on wireless technology.”

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