Photive Announces Launch Of Its Newest Bluetooth Headphones On Amazon

Electronics company Photive announces the launch of its newest product, the HF1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. The headphones are set to launch on Amazon Sept. 12 and will be the electronics company’s most affordable set of bluetooth headphones to be released to date.

Photive, an electronics company that manufactures and sells audio equipment and mobile phone accessories, has announced the launch of its newest audio device: the HF1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

Equipped with CSR aptX technology, the HF1 headphones feature a lightweight aluminum frame with a leather headrest and noise-eliminating leather ear cups. On-board buttons allow users to control their music while the built-in microphone lets them use their phone hands-free. A rechargeable battery provides users with up to 12 hours of power while an auxiliary port allows for physical connection to audio devices.

Photive President Eli Sakkal says he hopes the company’s newest bluetooth headphones will appeal to people who love high-resolution audio on the go.

“At Photive, we consider ourselves to be music lovers, so we design and manufacture our products with fellow music lovers in mind,” Sakkal said. “With the HF1 headphones, we wanted to give customers an ultra-lightweight set of headphones that still deliver great sound quality. Basically, we want people to forget they’re even wearing headphones and just get lost in the music they love. These new bluetooth headphones are completely versatile. Wear them at the beach or on the bus, they are perfect for any situation. ”

The HF1 Bluetooth Headphones continue Photive’s tradition of designing and manufacturing high quality audio equipment that sells for low prices, giving customers the best of both worlds, Sakkal says.

“The HF1 headphones are our most affordable set,” the Photive President said. “We specifically designed them to be sold at a lower price point because we believe everyone should be privy to a stellar audio experience. We want to shock our customers. We want them to look at these headphones and think: ‘Those must be really expensive,’ and then look at the price and think: ‘Wow! Those aren’t expensive at all!’ Giving people a surprisingly good audio experience at a price that won’t break them financially is important to us.”

Sakkal says the company owes a lot of its success to its designers, who specialize in designing products that have the look and feel of much higher-priced brands, but at a lower cost. This cost savings allows the company to keep their prices lower for their customers, thus letting more people enjoy superb audio at a more affordable price point. To make their newest headphones an even better deal for customers, Photive is planning a launch promotion on Amazon to help even more people get their hands on the HF1 Bluetooth Headphones at an even more affordable price.

Details of the promotion will be released tomorrow.

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