Phong Thuy Yen Minh Initiates Free Feng Shui Marriage Consulting Services

Marriage counselling services are first to be launched in Phong Thuy Yen Minh Feng Shui services in 2020. The company promises to give accurate reading and suggestions based on horoscope and Bazi.

Phong Thuy Yen Minh initiates free marriage consulting services for the compatibility of married couples. Considering the increase in divorces and problematic marriages, Phong Thủy Yên Minh will give Feng Shui remedy based on horoscopes.
The company has ensured to provide solutions based on scientific facts for the newlyweds. And Feng Shui accessory as a remedy for the problematic areas in the household. Phong Thủy Yên Minh will assess the compatibility of couples and suggest the changes for a lifetime.

CEO of Yen Minh Feng Shui, Mr. Chu Thai Duong said that “We have incorporated this free service for the betterment of people. Our marriage Feng Shui services are not based on superstition instead are the scientific facts for a prosperous marriage.”

Phong Thuy Yen Minh has included a team of experts from India, Thailand, China, Cambodia and Tibet for the marriage Feng Shui services. These experts will provide the necessary measures like crystals, mirror placement, Mandarin ducks etc. for the Ying and Yang to balance.

Embarking upon the journey of global reach for this company comes with prospects to help as many people. Their dream of expansion is slowly going materialize with the new feature.

“Our team of experts are trained to provide the preeminent solution for houses and offices. They are proficient in helping achieve the eighth aspiration in Feng Shui Pa Kua, which is successful love and marriage. Moreover, our suggestions are transparent and contain detailed information behind the counselling” said Mr Duong.

Users need to click on the link in the website for free registration of marriage counselling for the year of Rat 2020. They need to fill in their details like date of birth, name, email id and complete the four steps to gain the consultation.
The company desires to continue its free services and gain pertinent steps to success.

About the Company:
Phong Thuy Yen Minh, established in 2017 is a Feng Shui service provider that offers solutions for houses, office, grand opening date choosing and Bazi. Mr Chu Thai Duong founded the company with an initiative to aid people in need. It has served more than 339 customers worldwide, like Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore. Mr Duong has done 23 years of mystical research to provide accurate solutions. The company further provides 16 types of updated services for the need of customers.

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