PhonePad Launches on Kickstarter

Company Partners with Funded Today

PhonePad has just launched on Kickstarter. They have brought on Funded Today to help bring their product to a wider audience and increase pledges for the duration of the campaign.

About PhonePad

PhonePad is a portable monitor that works with all smartphones and computers. Unlike any other portable monitors that only work with a few phone models like Samsung DeX phones, PhonePad is universally compatible with ALL smartphones, including iPhones. All you need is just your phone and the charging cable, no WiFi, no other smartphone streaming devices required.

PhonePad also works with other HDMI enabled devices, including laptops, game consoles, and SLR cameras - providing a more expansive view for work or play. PhonePad unleashes the productivity of your smartphone so you can do more with it. PhonePad allows you to work with your phone like you would with a laptop computer (just add a keyboard and mouse).

According to a Microsoft study, the use of an extra monitor can increase productivity by as much as 50%; which means you can save up to 2.7 hours per day, 13 hours per week, or 29 full days per year! When off work, you can also pair PhonePad with game consoles like Nintendo Switch, PS4, or Xbox to play your favorite games at home or anywhere life takes you.

Pricing and Availability

PhonePad is available to back now on Kickstarter. They are hopeful to see an increase in pledges with the help of Funded Today and their team. Once the campaign ends, the products are set to produce and ship to all backers by November 2020. The starting price for one PhonePad is $239 USD.

To learn more about PhonePad or to back the campaign, visit their page here.

Contact Info:
Name: Pascal Friedmann
Email: Send Email
Organization: Funded Today

Release ID: 88984350