Phone Detective Guide Launches Reverse Look Up Campaign

Consumers gain access to mobile phone numbers for small fee with a reverse look service reports Phone Detective Guide.

According to the Pew Research Internet Project, 90 percent of adults in America now own a cell phone, with 58 percent of these devices being smart phones. With increasing numbers such as this, one expects to receive more unwanted phone calls, and 68 percent of cell phone users, in April 2012, found that they received one or more unsolicited marketing or sales calls in the past, with 25 percent saying this happened a minimum of once a week or more. "Anyone looking to find the owner of an unlisted cell phone number will find Phone Detective Guide to be of great assistance," Christine Collins of Phone Detective Guide ( declares.

Finding a phone number for a mobile customer remains a difficult task, even with the Internet available for assistance. Many companies offer this service, yet charge a fee for every number accessed. Individual mobile phone providers issue the phone numbers, in contrast to landline numbers which come from regional phone companies. For this reason, it's harder for one company to pull all of this information together into one online database which consumers can search.

Cell phone users tend to guard their privacy very carefully, so many must turn to a service that allows them to reverse lookup a sprint phone number or reverse lookup verizon cell phone numbers. "Solicitors, bill collectors and prank calls tend to be annoying, but can become frightening at times, especially when the calls come late at night or continue for a period of time. Caller ID helped solve this problem with landlines, but cell phones still remain a problem when someone wishes to identify who is calling them, and Phone Detective Guide helps with this," Collins explains.

The service provided through Phone Detective Guide searches more than 400 million phone records in America to find the owner of the telephone and the service works with numbers belonging to private individuals, corporations, cell phones, and landlines. "People often wonder if a service of this type is legal. It is, and the price continues to be very affordable as Phone Detective Guide offers a one time use option. Frequent users do best when purchasing the annual premium membership, however, as it allows for unlimited searches. Never wonder who's calling with the help of Phone Detective Guide. The peace of mind that comes with this service makes it priceless to all," Collins proclaims.

About Phone Detective Guide:
Phone Detective Guide, an online reverse phone look up app, offers users the opportunity to look up phone numbers to determine who is calling. Using a variety of directories containing both cell phone numbers and land lines, Phone Detective Guide provides access to more numbers than are available through free phone directories, pulling from more than 400 million phone records in the United States. Phone Detective Guide works for private individual, cellphone. land line and corporate phone numbers.

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