Phil The Crack Master Officially Launches Its Inside Foundation Crack Repair Services

Phil The Crack Master becomes the latest and most innovative foundation crack repair expert in Vancouver British Columbia.

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". This is undeniably true particularly when it comes to home foundations. Foundation cracks always get worse if left unattended. And the longer it is left unattended, the more complicated and costly the foundation repair becomes.

Identifying foundation troubles early enough can head off problems that could eventually cost thousands of dollars to fix. In many cases ‘do it yourself’ attempts at foundation crack repair can be more costly in the long run as more often than not these attempts are not 100% effective and have to be redone by a professional. Surprisingly, the cost of foundation crack repair from the inside is usually more cost effective than everyone would think.

Foundation problems never go away; they only get worse when ignored. Knowing the warning signs of foundation problems is vital because the sooner someone identify potential problems, the easier and less expensive it will be to fix them.
Foundation problems may mean less costly repairs when people contact foundation repair specialists like Phil The Crack Master. With their experience and competent training, the experts like Phil will help everyone protect their two most valuable possessions; their home and sanity.

Following its recent launch on November 1, 2013 in Vancouver British Columbia, Phil The Crack Master stands out as the most reliable foundation crack repair specialist with foundation injection solutions that are designed to be a permanent foundation repair and even come with a warranty that is transferable if when people decide to sell the home.

Phil’s foundation crack repair methods infuse cutting edge tools and technologies that have given the company the ability to meet all the needs of its new generation clients’ homes and structures. The company develops scientifically designed formulations that help keep homes safe against future foundation damage.

Unlike general contractors or remodeling contractors, Phil’s foundation repair experts are top brains equipped with advanced technology tools to fix all foundation issues efficiently within the shortest period of time. Phil’s specialists are known to undertake proper analysis, viability, repair and maintenance steps that guarantee clients’ satisfaction by bridging the gap for superior protective solutions.

With their customized approach, Phil The Crack Master offers solid, automated, and streamlined solutions that ensure optimum protection, ease of maintenance & longevity of structures to meet the unique needs of clients to reduce or eliminate the need for further repairs.

Most people with foundation cracks that are causing water ingress are not aware that many foundation cracks can be treated or repaired from the inside and may not require intrusive landscaping damage and the use of heavy equipment. On the same note, others do not understand that excess dampness and moisture in a home can be a health risk; a good example being the Black Mold which can be very harmful to people. Only experts like Phil understand this.

As a precautionary measure, Phil Russell, the president of Phil The Crack Master advices, “Your concrete foundation should be inspected by a professional before finishing off the basement. This precaution could save you thousands of dollars. "

Considering how valuable the structural integrity of one home is and the serious structural implications of cracks in the house foundations, it’s best to contact a qualified professional to do the assessment and repairs. For more information on Phil The Crack Master’s services, visit their website at

About Phil The Crack Master:
Phil The Crack Master prides itself in provision of superior crack repair and protective solutions that are dynamic, innovative and pocket-friendly without compromising on the quality and value of its services. As an established and outstanding foundation crack repair company, Phil consistently provides its clients with realistic and affordable solutions that strongly ensure their structure’s agility, efficiency and durability.

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