Phen375 Releases a New, Improved Formula for Easier Weight Loss

New formula burns fat without the loss of muscle mass.

The Phen375 Blog ( heralds the arrival of the improved Phen375 diet pill, a pill which has been on the market now for five years, but recently released an improved version in November 2013. "Consumers loved the former pill as it helped burn fat while suppressing one's appetite, and the new changes made to the product are only going to improve the results being seen. Once consumers realize how easy it is to reach their weight loss goals when using this product, they'll be rushing to buy Phen375," Sara Lucas of The Phen 375 Blog declares.

Phentemine pills continue to be recognized as a powerful fat burner and appetite suppressant, one other products cannot match in terms of effectiveness. What makes this product so amazing lies in the fact that there aren't any negative side effects, such as those that were seen with original diet pills. "Users find they can now take the unwanted weight off without worrying about damaging their overall health in the process. To learn more, head over to Here one finds the ingredient list, the benefits associated with this product and the formula change being announced, " Lucas continues.

The increase in popularity of this product is due to the pill's ability to not only suppress one's appetite, but also to supercharge one's metabolism while breaking down fatty tissue. As the pill works, it decreases the ability of the body to store fat so users, on average, lose three to five pounds each week. Lucas explains, Phen375 contains only five ingredients, yet this combination is so powerful that it forces the body into high gear so large quantities of body fat are burned away without the loss of muscle mass, a concern of many.

Phen375 customer reviews show just how effective this product really is. One user explains she weighed 222 pounds after the birth of her son, but, with the help of Phen375, she now comes in at only 154 pounds and she loves how she looks. Another explains he gained a great deal of weight after having surgery on his leg, yet, using Phen375, he was able to drop the weight and keep it off. To read more customer testimonials, visit the website. "Once a person sees what this product has done for others and can do for him or her, they'll be rushing to make a purchase. With the specials currently being offered, taking the weight off has never been easier so everyone should get started today to quickly reach their weight loss goals," Lucas proclaims.

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