Pets Get the Best Launches Pet Accessory Review Site

In-depth reviews allow pet owners to zoom in on the items most likely to provide satisfaction to them and their animals, reports

Comparison sites have been around in various forms almost as long as the World Wide Web, but a new trend has recently emerged. Now, instead of trying to review everything that was ever made, sites like Pets Get the Best have started to focus on single categories of items. This allows them to give in-depth reviews and recommendations instead of merely listing items and hoping for commentators to fill in the blanks.

"Pets Get the Best reviews accessories for all sorts of animals, ranging from dogs to pets small enough to use terrariums," said Mike Donaldson of Pets Get the Best. "Even so, we find that most traffic comes from people looking for things for their cats or dogs. This stands to reason since cats and dogs are the most popular pets in many areas of the world."

Dog accessories cover most of the needs and desires of canines, and allow owners to provide everything from safety to toys. Most people will think of some of these accessories right away. Leashes, food and water bowls, and squeaky toys are all well-known items even for those who have never taken care of a dog. Other accessories tend to come to mind after becoming a pet owner. Dog beds, for example, are typically thought of after a human gets sick of sharing his or her own bed with a four-legged friend.

"A dog will look for a sleeping area that he can call his own or one he can share with other members of his pack," Donaldson said. "A household dog will consider the humans in the house to be his pack, so human beds are often preferred. Alas, not all humans want to share the sleeping space. To help motivate the dog to choose a different sleeping area, it's a good idea to provide a dog bed."

While many dog bed makers will suggest sizes based on an animal's weight or size, there are actually more factors to consider than these basic stats. A dog that likes to sprawl out to sleep will need a much longer bed than one that likes to curl up into a ball. Large dog beds often include a raised end or a pillow rather than simply being flat. Small dog beds, on the other hand, tend to have an oval shape with raised sides. This helps them to feel safe and fits their common habit of curling up into tiny balls to rest.

"Dog beds are just some of the accessories we've reviewed," Donaldson noted. "We also cover kennels, cat carriers, and many other items. We aim to cover every popular accessory for pets as time goes on."

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Pets Get the Best is a review site that covers popular accessories for all species of pets. It lists its top choices for each type of item reviewed and gives tips on which pets will benefit most from the items. This makes it easy for pet owners to choose the best things for their animals.

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