Pet's feel the effects of their Owners Addictions during the Pandemic

Addictions during the Pandemic cause abusers to lose track of responsibilities like pets, home care, and their loved ones. offers treatment options for those in need.

Losing a pet is never easy, and you may need counseling to get through this challenging time, especially if it's your dog or cat.

Imagine what would happen to you and your, friends, family members, and even your pets if they lost you?

There are so many things that can happen to your beloved pet when you are not sober, but they are only as bad as their owner is willing to accept them. Addiction affects absolutely everything in life, and pets are no exception.

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Giving up drugs and alcohol is a decision you make not only for yourself but also for the people you love and the furry friends you would lose. There are many reasons to avoid illegal drugs - you never know who is harming you, you are never really safe, and your pet is the exception.

We usually think of someone running away from a monster and leaving their children to fend for themselves, but animals always suffer. Leaving your dog or cat alone for days on end is a dangerous place, so it is important to moderate and control your nightlife and alcohol consumption. Hard-partying can also be the start of addiction, and those who party frequently tend to behave that way.

If something happens, it may not be possible for someone to take care of your pet, or if your health is in serious trouble. Fish are also sensitive, so if you miss a feed, your fish can cause severe damage to their health. It is difficult not only to be alone but also to be responsible for your pets, especially if they live with other animals in the same house.

One reason cats are so popular is their independence, but as independent as they are, a single person with an addiction problem often loses time and forgets to feed them, change litter or even take care of them. In closed spaces, it is even more complicated, and although part of the reason cats have been so successful in the animal kingdom for so long, it is difficult for them to find food. The bond you have with your pet is essential and essential to keeping it healthy, so keeping it away from it for so long can weaken it.

Cats starve without food, and don't forget; they are also vulnerable to the effects of alcohol, drugs, and other substances on their bodies. Contact with the substances you use can be transferred by contact with other animals such as dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and even humans.

A single minimal dose of a drug is sufficient to kill a few small animals, but a large dog can be seriously ill and require hospitalization.

Meth, cocaine, and tobacco make pets very, very sick, but it is also possible that dogs and cats become addicted to these drugs.

For someone to be struggling with addiction is a frightening experience, we are extremely proud to have immediate assistance and advice call helpline.

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