Petremmas Kicks Off Hearing Loss Awareness Campaign

Half of all adults over the age of 75 suffer from hearing loss reports

The National Institutes of Health reports an estimated one-third of adults between the ages of 65 and 75 suffer from hearing loss to some extent. By the time one reaches the age of 75, this increases to 50 percent. Many things contribute to hearing loss, including chronic exposure to loud noises and genetics, and the loss often can't be reversed. For this reason, ear protection remains of the greatest importance.

"Advanced age remains the most commonly cited reason for a partial loss of hearing, and researchers continue to work to determine why this is the case. Hearing aids benefit those who suffer from a decrease in hearing ability, yet each device must be adjusted to meet the unique needs of the user. Petremmas offers information on finding the right hearing aid, types of hearing aids, the cost of a device, and more," Paul Doe, spokesperson for Petremmas, announces.

The key to avoiding hearing loss lies in prevention. WebMD reports 48 percent of plumbers suffer from hearing loss to some extent, with 44 percent of carpenters reporting the same. Others at risk of hearing loss due to their line of work include miners, those in agriculture, and musicians. Those in the military also often find they suffer from hearing loss to some extent.

"Humans frequently misjudge the amount of noise the ears can safely handle. Although one might assume discharging a .22 rifle without ear protection is safe as the rifle is quieter than a magnum, the gun creates a shock wave that is enough to damage the ears. Electronic ear protection helps to guard against this and offers many benefits over regular ear protection. Visit Petremmas to learn more about electronic hearing devices and why they are the preferred choice of many," Doe continues.

Other things contribute to hearing loss, in many cases. Certain medications affect hearing, including aspirin, some erectile dysfunction drugs, specific chemotherapy drugs, and certain antibiotics. Various illnesses may also play a role in the development of hearing loss, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Simple causes of hearing loss include ear wax buildup or an ear infection while trauma plays a role in some situations.

Certain individuals find they suddenly lose their hearing, losing a significant portion of it over a period of several hours or days. To qualify as sudden hearing loss, the person must lose 30 decibels or more of their hearing ability. As a reference point, normal conversations take place at 60 decibels. This problem affects up to 4,000 people each year and typically only affects one ear. Often, the cause of the sudden hearing loss cannot be determined.

"When one detects any hearing loss, small or large, medical attention needs to be sought. Often, the cause is simple, such as a minor infection or a blockage due to ear wax. In other cases, the cause is more complex, yet hearing loss may be slowed or stopped completely with medical care. Prevention remains key to avoiding the loss of hearing, and a doctor may be able to suggest changes to prevent future loss. For those who already have some hearing loss, hearing aids help immensely, in most cases," Doe declares.

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