Peter W Hart Gallery Exhibits New Spring Collection: Echoes Of The Pond

Peter W Hart has introduced an all new collection of paintings at the Peter W Hart Gallery in Old-Port Montreal, entitled Echoes of The Pond.

Art and Civilization were born together, and have evolved constantly throughout the course of history. Modern art, like modern technology, has the benefit of standing on the shoulders of giants, and has the entirety of history’s periods, styles, tools and approaches to choose from. As such, it is no wonder modern art is so astonishingly varied. One artist, Peter W Hall, seems to embody this abundance, and his latest collection, Echoes of The Pond, captures new facets in the artists work, now available to view and buy in the Peter W Hart Gallery.

Echoes of The Pond is a new and exclusive collection to the Peter Hart gallery comprising some six original works in paired variations, including Dancing Irises, Golden Flames and Whispering Willows. The new paintings have Hart’s signature depth and texture together with a distinct softness, resolving contrasting aesthetics of impressionists like Monet and Van Gogh with rebels like Pollock, in a distinctly three dimensional way.

The paintings are currently on show and available for sale to art collectors and private bidders, on a combination of 36x36, 30x30, 18x24 and 24x18 canvasses. The paintings will be displayed in the gallery until the end of summer alongside a range of other original pieces.

A spokesperson for Peter W Hart Gallery explained, “The gallery is thrilled to receive Peters latest work, and we can’t wait to show these pieces to the public. Peter is constantly shifting his approach to incorporate new inspirations while at the same time keeping his own distinct approach to textural work, so it’s hugely exciting when new pieces arrive. The gallery is ideally situated to be taken in as part of a stroll through Montreal’s historic sites, and art lovers will do well to drink in the atmosphere as summer approaches, with pastoral calm images and vivid, explosive colors encapsulated by the new paintings.”

About Peter W Hart Gallery: Peter W. Hart Gallery is an exclusive art gallery in the historic quarter of the Old-Port of Montreal. Their website showcases the most recent artwork & current collection of Peter Hart; artist and business leader at All the paintings that are featured are original works that have a multidimensional aspect, and are available for sale.

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