Peter Publishing Newly Created DpaContactUs Contact Us Form Foils Hackers and Spammers

Due to the high number of hackers and spammers, dpaContactUs, a Contact Us Form was developed by Peter Publishing so that webmasters can protect their websites and their visitors from breaches of privacy and annoying practices.

Hacking and spamming activities have plagued every website publisher at one point or another. Because of these ongoing issues, Dr. Peter Achutha of Peter Publishing developed dpaContactUs. This form is the first of its type to offer a collection of distinct security services to protect websites from being hacked and prevent getting an abundance of spam through their Contact Us pages.

The dpaContactUs uses three methods of operation. One method is as a simple "Contact Us" form that website publishers can use to offer their site visitors a convenient way to contact the company. Another method is an anti-spam or private mode. This method of operation uses two email addresses where the real email address is hidden and a sort of email address is used to communicate with site visitors. Finally, dpaContactUs acts as a proxy email server where several websites can share one email address. This will save checking through several email addresses if there are a number of websites being used.

The way dpaContactUs works is that all website visitors who fill up and submit the form will be sent an email with a confirmation link. This link, when it is clicked, confirms that a genuine visitor had used a genuine email address. This discourages spammers from submitting spam into contact forms, a problem that many website publishers have to contend with. There is also an option to use dpaContactUs as a signup form that can be used to capture visitors email addresses.

Website designers, publishers and owners are invited to try a Free 30 Day Trial Version of dpaContactUs, in order to test its capabilities for eliminating hackers and spammers from interrupting an otherwise successful web presence, or to purchase it. Because this program was designed by a professional computer engineer and website publisher, it was created for quick and easy implementation into a variety of website platforms.

About Peter Publishing: Dr. Peter Achutha, of Peter Publishing, struggled with daily attacks by hackers and spammers of his published blogs and websites. He developed dpaContactUs in order to make hacking and spamming more difficult and to allow other websites and blogs some protection against these unethical practices.

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