Pet Vu Inc. Launches Innovation in Pet Tracking Technology

GPS and mobile monitoring capability combine to help families maintain awareness of their pets' whereabouts, publishes

According to a report released last year by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, shelters nationwide took in a total of 85,000 cats and 38,000 dogs during 2014, the latest time frame for which data has been made available. Of those, only 4.5 percent of cats and 28 percent of dogs were reunited with their families by year's end. In response to this issue, spokesperson Omar Malik of Pet Vu Inc. has announced the launch of a new device designed to help offset these statistics.

Said Malik, "We have launched an innovative new GPS pet tracker in Canada geared toward dog owners. This device offers a number of advantages over the traditional microchips and bluetooth 4.0 options currently in use. Perhaps the most important of these will be the activity monitoring feature to be relesed in the near future and a far broader tracking range as compared to the alternative, giving families a proactive rather than reactive solution in the event their pets are lost."

As noted on the company website,, the newly developed GPS pet tracking device is offered in conjunction with a mobile app downloadable via The App Store or Google Play. Once the device has been attached to a user's dog and a profile set up on the owner's mobile device, the dog can be located regardless of its location. Users are able to receive information regarding the pet's current whereabouts and his or her location history as well as parameter breach notifications.

In addition to location tracking, the device also provides low battery alerts. Battery life is said to range from seven days in active mode to 1,600 hours in standby status. The system is available for Apple iOS 7.0 or Android 4.1 versions and up. Monthly service plans are offered in partnership with Canadian cellular network, Rogers Wireless, and accounts may be set up through the Pet Vu Inc. website. An accompanying activity and fitness level monitoring feature is set for future release.

Concluded Malik, "We're proud to be part of a movement to help families not only keep track of their beloved pets, but help maintain their health as well. Our device combines a small, sleek profile with intelligent design to prevent users' pets from becoming part of the nation's growing shelter population. Though our GPS pet tracker is currently only available in Canada, our U.S. launch is scheduled for the near future. Anyone interested is encouraged to visit our website to Learn More."

About Pet Vu Inc.:

Dedicated to helping pet parents keep their four-legged companions safe and healthy, the staff of Pet Vu Inc. develops revolutionary products and interactive technology designed to provide an effective and user-friendly solution to the high rate of pet loss.

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