Personal training company releases online training service for Covid times

A personal training company has released a brand new online training service to help locals keep fit during the pandemic.

With gyms and fitness centres shut all over the country, it's difficult for people to achieve their fitness goals. The constant lockdowns and stay-at-home guidance have caused many people to struggle - both physically and mentally. A lack of equipment and one-on-one training has led to an increase in sedentary habits, which is bad for health. Thankfully, one UK-based personal training company has recognised the need for things to change. It has developed an online training service to keep people fit and healthy throughout the pandemic.

No gym? No problem
Being able to attend a gym is a massive thing for lots of individuals. Simply being in a gym environment can be motivating, not to mention all the easily accessible equipment. Therefore, when gyms are closed, it's hard to find the motivation or direction to achieve fitness targets. RCotteril PT has found a way around this problem. Instead of depending on gyms or fitness centres, people can now follow an online training programme built around their needs.

The idea is that people can sign-up for a programme, selecting how long they want it to be. There are currently, six, twelve, and twenty-four-week packages available. Each one is tailored to the individual, with a complete fitness programme written out based on goals, aims, and targets. People can then follow these guides from the comfort of their home, with exercises prescribed based on how much equipment is available. This ensures that everyone has a chance to stay fit, even if there are no gyms open!

A complete online personal training experience
RCotterill PT has developed an online experience that replicates the traditional personal training experience as much as possible. Clients will still receive 24/7 support, and there's an extensive video library showing exercise demonstrations. Each package comes with a nutrition guide as well, helping clients understand their diet and what they should/shouldn't be eating. Weekly check-ins are also included, which can be done over video call to replicate the face-to-face meetings usually offered in-person.

Unlike other online training packages, each one is designed from scratch. No clients are expected to have the same package as it's all down to goals, experience, equipment availability, and much more. RCotterill PT delivers each programme online, with a smartphone app available to download and access exercise routines.

It's all designed to bring more structure to home workouts for clients during the pandemic. With a concrete plan in place - and videos to watch - it could encourage more people to exercise and improve their physical and mental health during these troubling times
About RCotterill PT
RCotterill PT was founded by Robert Cotterill - a qualified personal trainer with over 15 years of military experience. He has been on his own fitness journey, completing many tough challenges and developing a passion for helping others. Currently, he offers a range of personal training services - both online and in-person.

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