Personal Survivor Reports 30 Percent of Individuals Will Be Impacted by a Catastrophe

The natural disaster affecting these individuals will occur within the next ten years and individuals need to be prepared, reports

The United Nations Office of Disaster Risk Reduction reports individuals have a 30 percent risk of being directly impacted by a natural disaster sometime within the next ten years. Every individual must prepare, as one cannot know if they will fall into this category. In 2014 alone, more than 100,000 people were impacted by the more than 400 natural disasters which took place. Personal Survivor offers hints and tips to help those who wish to be ready regardless of what the future may hold.

"Individuals don't need to put their life on hold to prepare for catastrophes such as this. The process takes time and one can build an emergency kit little by little. For example, all homes and vehicles require First Aid Kits during a natural disaster, as one might not be in their home when it occurs, yet this is only two places where these items should be kept. One should also have a first aid kit in their car, camper, boat and more," Robert Domanko, spokesperson for Personal Survivor, reports.

In addition, individuals need to take into account where they reside when preparing an emergency kit or purchasing supplies for a natural disaster. Many areas remain prone to flooding, including Gloucester and Waverly, yet Clarence Valley and Coffs Harbour are more likely to be hit with a brush fire. Landslides, earthquakes and severe storms are also possible. The key to successful preparation lies in knowing which disasters are most likely to occur where one lives and prepare for those first.

Certain items remain pertinent to all individuals, however, regardless of where they reside. Every home needs a minimum of one smoke alarm per floor, although more should be purchased, including one for each bedroom in the residence. Furthermore, fire extinguishers ought to be present in each home, as a fire may occur at any time, Domanko continues.

One must remember that natural disasters may strike at any time, and individuals need to be prepared for this type of emergency at home and work or when they are out and about. Those who live in cold climates know to keep blankets in the car in case they are stranded, yet other items are needed too . This is just one example of a disaster that can occur when one is away from home. It remains critical to be ready for any emergency, regardless of where it takes place or where one is when it strikes.

"Visit Personal Survivor today to receive a disaster readiness checklist instantly. Individuals can't count on government entities in situations such as this, as has been seen time and again when a natural disaster occurs. Those who are prepared are more likely to survive. While on the site, but sure to read over the Life survival skills. Information such as this is priceless when a catastrophe occurs, as are the tools and resources one has gathered. Personal Survivor offers all," Domanko declares.

About Personal Survivor:

Personal Survivor provides tools, techniques and information designed to assist citizens in the event of a natural disaster. One cannot count on government entities at times such as this, therefore preparation is key. Individuals find the site to be very helpful simply because it takes volumes of information and condenses this knowledge into a format that can easily be digested in as little as one hour.

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