Personal Finance Blog The Cents of Money Features Stock Market Games In Recent Blog

The Cents of Money founder and writer Linda Meltzer explores stock market games and how they can help future investors before they take the leap and invest any money into the actual stock market.

More amateurs than ever have considered dipping their toes into the stock market. At times, this has created some chaos as people learn what is necessary in order to find success in their investment patterns. Because of this, a number of individuals with more expertise in the stock market have been creating resources for those less experienced.

One of the more popular options that have come from this trend are stock market games. These games allow individuals to invest in a simulation stock market (fantasy or a copy of our real-world ones). Individuals can then use fake currency in order to learn how to make good decisions and what may be necessary in terms of resources.

Linda Meltzer, the founder and writer at The Cents of Money, took notice of this trend and made the decision to base one of her latest articles on these games and the benefits that they provide to new investors. As a college professor, she has used stock market games in order to help her students to gain better understanding of investments.

In the article, Meltzer explains that “Games are a fun and educational way to learn to invest, a pivotal way to accumulate wealth. There is a greater level of engagement and motivation when you are learning a skill through simulation. Players can quickly fill and modify their portfolios by buying and selling stocks with ease.” This active engagement with currency can help grow confidence and ensure that new investors make good decisions in the future, as well.

Meltzer believes that Millennial and Gen Z individuals have a unique opportunity because of how engaged they are with digital communication. As digital natives, they may be able to pursue opportunities to increase their liquid net worth in ways that those less familiar with the digital world cannot. She says that these games are just the beginning of finding those opportunities.

While she doesn’t have as much experience with the trading parts of these games (she prefers to focus on retirement and investment accounts in her classes), she knows that they can be useful to individuals as well. In the article, she recommends several games that interested parties can use, as well. Her hope is that her blog points interested parties toward these games so that they can invest wisely.

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