Personal Development Coach Turning Business Coach

"Fine-tuning a company is more challenging than helping individuals develop themselves" a London based personal development coach insists. "Anyone can help a person better themselves, but not everyone can fine-tune a business."

Andrea Palomita - a personal development coach based out of London England - recently announced her company will be shifting its focus to helping businesses mature as well as grow in new markets. Their approach to making it happen will be two-fold: First, fine tuning the day to day operations of the business, and secondly, getting it to dominate online search.

According to Palomita, the old approach of "build it and they will come" no longer works. In fact, she insists it never really worked. "New businesses owners always gambled with ideas - hoping they would work - but they more often than not failed. Doing in-depth research first and then getting the business strong search engine rankings virtually guarantees long-term success."

Palomita has had a solid track record of working with individuals to help them up their game and says it has been rewarding, but believes the true challenge she is after will be working with established businesses to help them grow.

"There is a perception that business is all about the bottomline. Truth is, the bottom line is important. Without it, no businesses stays in business for long. It needs a strong bottom line to survive. It's a given." Palomita continued "What every business owner will tell you is that the stronger the bottomline is, the more stressful the business becomes. My approach - when working with businesses - will be to simplify aspects that are a lot of work and cause the most amount of stress and find ways to systematize them. So instead of chaos, business will run like a fine tuned machine."

Palomita insists focusing on growth is important - and that she will be helping businesses with that - but says "growth is painful when there are no systems in place." - a popular health food blog that is best known for its in-depth popcorn machine reviews - was Palomita's first commercial coaching client. In a brief skype chat, a representative from the blog noted how they are looking forward to working with Palomita on a more regular basis again. When asked why, the representative responded saying "We're about twice as efficient now than we were before working with her. Her eye for simplifying and streamlining processes has been a godsend to us."

When asked what her secret to streamlining a business's processes is, Palomita said "The last thing I want to do is tell business owners they are doing everything wrong. Such attitude would not get me far and certainly would not help that business much. What I try to focus on instead is small things I observe that could be tweaked, shortcutted, outsourced, or simplified another way to streamline them. It's all about creating predictable systems for me. Once you have a fine tuned system, growth is no longer painful. It comes naturally."

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