Period Cramps Relief Topical Solution Sourced with All Organic Ingredients

All natural solution for mitigating period pain comes in a topical cream

Comforté is pleased to offer a topical cream comprised of all organic natural ingredients as an alternative to pills or medication. Menstrual cramps and pain have long had remedies and naturally occurring compounds that have a history of providing pain relief. Plenty of natural treatments have existed in the time before pills or pharmaceutical wonders and some women are looking for those alternatives in this day and age. While these modern solutions can bring great success in treating pain, they might have issues with long term use or cause other side effects. For example, ibuprofen can cause issues with stomach lining in cases of prolonged use, or Midol contains caffeine.

The solution in Comforté is a topical solution that came forth from the traditional medicine of African tribes linked to founder and owner Nadine Kennedy. Having experienced period pain herself during what should have been a fun soccer game, her mother concocted an excellent cream based on a solution that she had made for massage therapists to use on clients who required temporary pain relief. As other women began to try the solution during their period, the positive feedback from a variety of women led the lotion to be reformulated. The plant based solution can be applied to the abdomen or lower back. Active plant ingredients are able to penetrate the skin, and move into muscles to provide period cramps relief.

The product is suitable for eco-friendly shoppers as the company has taken measures to think actively about their storage and packaging. In addition to thinking about the packaging and supply chain, the company behind Comforté also keeps a close relationship with the geographical area from which ingredients are sourced. The product provides support back to the roots of this remedy’s creation, a village in Africa.

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The ingredients in Comforté are great for women looking to an alternative that is not caffeine based, need an alternative from pain medications that may cause addictions such as acetaminophen, or looking to avoid pills. Some forms of pain management may be ill-advised or undesirable.

The topical cream is made with a variety of all organic ingredients blended from natural menthol and shea butter. The soya bean helps women who might have sensitive skin enjoy Comforté by acting as a buffer between the menthol. Oils are derived from both sunflower seed and sandalwood. Inspired by traditional medicine in Africa, other ingredients include calatropis procera, which deals with the pain associated with menstruation. Carapa procera is excellent for addressing swelling and bloating issues and will reduce these common symptoms.

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