Perfect Nail Solutions Releases New Information on the Dangers of Leaving Nail Fungus Untreated

Perfect Nail Solutions has released new information regarding the negative effects of leaving toenail and fingernail fungal infections untreated.

Irwindale, CA: Perfect Nail Solutions has released new information regarding the negative effects of not using toenail fungus treatment for nail infections.

Nail onychomycosis is a nasty form of infection that is both persistent as well as recurring. Sixty percent of the infections occur in the population aged 60 or older, with the rest thirty percent occurring in people aged between 40 – 50 years and the rest ten percent occurring for people below 40.

According to Allen Farrar, spokesperson at the company, “Yellow nail syndrome can be easily avoided with the help of the right natural remedies, topical solutions or over the counter medicines. But leaving this infection untreated can have a number of unwanted consequences. It is better to opt for any kind of treatment, such as an antifungal nail polish, rather than leaving it untreated.”

Fungal infections in the nails make them look ugly, yellow and very difficult to cut. They make the sufferer unable to wear sandals comfortably and cannot be masked with the help of nail paint. Furthermore, the inflammation and pain can cause the nail to be deformed, making it difficult to wear most shoes.

Another danger of leaving these infections untreated is that they can spread to other parts of the body such as the other nails, skin and in some cases even to one’s hands. Fungus migrates in about one out of every 24 cases with older people on medication, corticosteroid users, and chemotherapy patients comprising the most likely candidates.

Lastly, leaving this condition untreated compromises a person’s immune system and leaves them more susceptible to getting infected with other forms of bacterial infections that may affect the rest of the body. Therefore, it is important to ensure that whenever a person gets infected by nail infection, it should be treated promptly and correctly.

Perfect Nail Solution has developed a unique 2 step toe fungus treatment for toenail and fingernail infections and is made using essential oils such as lemon oil and tea tree oil to provide a natural remedy for nail onychomycosis. To learn more about the product, visit Perfect Nail Solution’s official website or check out its storefront at the Amazon Marketplace.

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