Peninsula Air Conditioning Publishes New Self-Help Air Conditioning Checklist

Released to prepare Sydney residents for hot weather to come, new checklist will help readers identify common A/C problems and save money, Peninsula Air Conditioning reports

Peninsula Air Conditioning Pty Ltd published a new self-help checklist aimed at those experiencing troubles with air conditioning equipment. The straightforward new air conditioner checklist can help homeowners identify problems themselves, with Peninsula Air Conditioning experts estimating that working through the process will pinpoint around four out of five such issues. With headquarters in Warriewood and a branch office in South Wentworthville that serves Sydney's eastern suburbs, Peninsula Air Conditioning is one of the region's most trusted and best-reviewed air conditioning and heating companies.

"With some relatively mild weather settling in around Sydney here at the start of the new year, now is the perfect time to get on top of outstanding air conditioning issues," Peninsula Air Conditioning representative Simone Gibson said, "There is plenty of heat to come, and our brand-new checklist is going to make it easy for laypeople to figure out just what needs to be done to get their A/C units into prime shape. We've got lots of other helpful guides and articles online at our website, too, so we invite everyone to stop by."

When Geelong native James Harrison secured a patent for a vapor-compression refrigeration machine in 1855, he was mostly interested in using the apparatus to make ice that could be sold to others. Harrison's invention proved to be the foundation of an entirely new technology, though, with the world's first commercially available air conditioning machines leveraging this Australian approach a few decades later.

Since then, Australians have become some of the world's most voracious consumers of air conditioning on a per-capita basis, with three out of four households being equipped with the necessary gear, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Even so, relatively few people understand the basic principles by which AC units work or how to diagnose them when problems crop up.

The brand new Peninsula Air Conditioning checklist is designed to help remedy this issue. Written in a clear, straightforward way, it guides readers through simple steps they can use to diagnose many common air conditioning issues. With some of these problems being relatively easy to fix, as when nothing more than a simple cleaning of a filter is required, the new checklist will even save many readers money. For more serious issues, users of the checklist can easily arrange for the necessary maintenance or repair at

Since 1999, Peninsula Air Conditioning has been one of the Sydney area's most highly regarded cooling and heating companies, making it especially well qualified to produce resources like the new air conditioning checklist. With two offices together serving most of the region, Peninsula Air Conditioning delivers top-quality heating and cooling installation, maintenance, and service at affordable prices. The new air conditioning checklist is available now at the Peninsula Air Conditioning website, where many other useful articles can also be found.

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