Peak Nootropics Extends Range with the Latest Cognitive Supplements

Nootropics are brain enhancing supplements that increase mental capacity and Peak Nootropics are the single biggest provider of some of the most popular new supplements on the market.

In every aspect of life, modern society is throwing up more challenges than ever, and people are finding them harder to cope with despite the fact that we supposedly have never had it so good. This is likely because life used to involve a mix of physical and mental challenges, but now almost every challenge or problem we face is entirely mental. As a result, people find themselves mentally fatigued or unable to learn fast enough to adapt to this quickly changing world. Peak Nootropics offer an exciting solution that is catching on like wildfire in 2014, with brain enhancing supplements that give students and executives the edge.

The company’s most popular brain supplement is their flagship Piracetam, which has neither sedative nor stimulant effects and as such does not alter perception or behavior, but influences AMPA and NMDA receptor sites in the brain which promote learning, memory formation, focus and sensory perception.

This is but one of a wide range of Nootropic supplements that offer anything from performance boosting to improved mood, decreased anxiety and wakefulness. These products are quickly catching on among students and businessmen and are soon to break out onto the global market for general consumers.

A spokesperson for Peak Nootropics explained, “We tax our brains more now than in any previous generation, and while vitamin supplements help to keep the body in good shape, the chemicals used by the brain are far more complex and rare, so it’s no surprise that under such heavy use our brains sometimes fall short of what they need. These Nootropic supplements provide additional quantities of chemicals used in the brain’s natural processes to boost performance and create the desired effect of the user. Our newly extended range of products even come with third party certificates of analysis to demonstrate that their effects have been independently verified, giving consumers ultimate confidence when purchasing.”

About Peak Nootropics:
Peak Nootropics has been the leader in the nootropics and brain enhancing supplement industry. They were established in 2011 and since have become the top sellers of nootropic supplements and stacks. The supplements work by stimulating neurotransmitter pathways to quickly strengthen new synaptic connections and promote new learning and robust memory.

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