PBN Goliath Offers Online Businesses A Way To Peak In Search Results Faster Than Ever

PBN Goliath offers online businesses the chance to create their own private blog network, to create an upward spiral of quality backlinks that drive their site to the top for key search terms.

Private Blog Networks are a range of small sites and blogs all owned by a single business, feeding into their primary business website. Search Engines prioritize businesses with backlinks from other sites, so creating other sites to feed back to a main hub is the shortest and fastest route to the best search rankings. PBN Goliath is a powerful PBN building service offering start-ups and independents the opportunity to use the same tactics employed by the multinationals to dominate search results, and create a disruptive effect on the industry, increasing competition.

PBN Goliath emphasises the importance of building a private blog network from scratch. Many consultants will encourage businesses to rent a private blog network for their purposes from a third party, but this causes issues with security and more. By creating a bespoke network, quality is assured, responsiveness and control of backlinks is maximized, and businesses are kept safe from extortion.

With even the largest corporations and SEO agencies employing private blog networks for their digital marketing campaigns, PBN Goliath is looking to democratize this system and make PBN building services available to businesses of all scales, so the search results cannot be monopolized by multinationals.

A spokesperson for PBN Goliath explained, “Using a private blog network is easier than many may think, and its results are proven. This is a bold way of working, and requires a different strategy than many may be used to. We help take people through it, outline the advantages and the risks, and allow people to come to an informed decision, supporting them every step of the way with the tools, approaches and expertise they need to make their PBN a success. We look forward to helping more people than ever reap the benefits of this approach.”

About PBN Goliath: PBN Goliath is the brainchild of SEO consultant Don Mazonas. Don Mazonas specialises in creating PBNs for clients that make customers' SEO strategies effortless and completely safe. PBL Goliath can secure powerful domain names that are backed by superior links in order to sustain their power and create the very best SEO results for businesses in the shortest amount of time.

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