Payment Savvy Saves Hundreds of High Volume Online Merchants After Widespread Shut Down

Merchant providers recently shut down hundreds of high volume merchant accounts leaving them stranded without a means to process payments, Payment Savvy came to the rescue ensuring businesses could process payments as normal.

Last month hundreds of high volume merchants were rejected by their merchant provider for overloading the payment system and exceeding the permitted limit on transactions, leaving them without a means to process payments and potentially liable to lose thousands of dollars a day. In many cases, those who lost their original provider found Payment Savvy, a new way of processing online payments that promises to be fast, convenient and free to the merchant.

The payment collections credit card processing software allows users to accept and track payments, and is far more than a simple payment portal, offering detailed analytics and features that make running an online business simpler and smoother.

Its unique selling point, especially for those who recently faced rejection by merchant providers they had paid to subscribe to, is that the software offers free payment processing for the merchant, meaning there is no expensive transaction fee cutting into the profit margin for business users.

A spokesperson for Payment Savvy explained the scale of the potential downfall merchants could have faced, “The merchants that came to us after being let down by their initial provider have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash flow by being quickly able to replace their old systems with the Payment Savvy website integration, making payments fast and free to the merchant, so they could continue processing order payments in no time without interrupting their clients’ service or payment schedule. It was a defining moment for our company as we were put to the test and delivered above expectations, in an extraordinary situation that very few people had expected.”

About Payment Savvy:
Merchants looking for the best solution to accept credit cards and means to utilize ACH Payment Processing software find all their needs met and more at Payment Savvy. Payment Savvy is utilized by over eighteen thousand merchant accounts within every market space. With top notch software technology and partner integrations in place they are confident clients will be satisfied with their services. Call or fill out a web form now and get a merchant account setup within 24 hours.

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