PayDrill: An Ultimate Paypal Software Every User Wants

It has always been hard and highly time-consuming to find a transaction on Paypal. With the instant search in PayDrill, users can search and view details for any transaction even if they have the remotest idea about it.

PayDrill is an ultimate software that helps Paypal users get faster access to super smart info, more intelligent metrics and increase profits. The tool reveals users everything they need to know about their products, targeted traffic, and customers.

Sam Robinson, an Internet Marketer and Professional Speedster tried this product and said: “PayDrill does everything I’ve always wanted to do with Paypal. Having thousands of transactions a month can make any accountant pull their hair out! PayDrill has changed that completely and with all the great features I’ve grabbed a copy for my accountants as well. In short, it takes the volume and variety of what happens in my account and simplifies it so much that anyone can see what’s going on!”

Take a look at their four amazing Dashboards inside PayDrill Software:

Summary Dashboard: Shows users intelligent metrics as well as a 30,000 feet overview of their online business immediately.
Transactions Dashboard: This dashboard allows users to filter, find and see details their latest 5000 transactions in less than a second. Users can get quick access to customer info and do not have to wait for results again.

Sales Dashboard: Users can see beautiful charts and graphs of their Sales performance as well as see how their products are doing to get customer details.

Payments Dashboard: Let users keep track of their expenses and fees, find, search and sort their payments instantly. Graphs and charts show them everything they need for their business.

Also, PayDrill app 2017 is constantly updated with new 2017 updated features:
• Brand New Summary Dashboard with 200% More Data and Metrics.
• View Customer Email Addresses by Default
• Instantly Download PDF Invoices for Every Sale that users make.
• Add Tracking Numbers for Ebay and Physical Product Sales.
• Support for 40 Timezones for Accurate Data Analytics and Reports.
• Auto Refresh All Dashboards with New Data.
• Floating Alerts and Notifications for New Transactions, Balance.
• A Faster, more efficient Database Engine.
• Exciting new interface, Metro layout, and elegant design.

PayDrill 2017 software uses a fully secure Paypal API to connect to user’s Paypal account, and it downloads all their transaction history and data metrics to show them useful data points about their online business. Users just follow three simple steps provided and get access to many dashboards that reveal various significant things about their business.

Step 1: Activate PayDrill with License Key
Step 2: Connect it to Paypal account and download data.
Step 3: The process is done – PayDrill is ready to show a whole new world.

It doesn’t matter what business or niche users are in. This software will completely change the way they look at their PayPal account. PayDrill is perfect for Marketers, Product Creators, Affiliates or anyone who uses Paypal in their business.

PayDrill software review is completely secured with Military Grade Encryption
• All user’s transactions and data are stored directly on their computer.
• All data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption, military-grade security.
• Unique Key used to encrypt your data; only you can access it, no one else.
• PayDrill never asks and does not need Paypal login information to do anything.
• Fully Integrated with the official Paypal API to fetch data over Secure SSL - 100% Safe!

An Affiliate Marketer and Product Vendor, Firas Alameh, shared his experience and highly recommended: “Lack of function in Paypal always drives me insane, PayDrll is amazing at showing things that Paypal cannot show you. I use it to track my Paypal reserves and fees every day – also I can see where are my sales coming from, then run ads to the target audience in that region and get a high ROI on my spend. PayDrill is amazing – must have for anyone using Paypal!”

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