Paw Castle Unveils In-Depth Boxer Nutrition Guide

The Paw Castle team wants to help owners of this toy breed make sure their pets maintain their energy and vitality, reports

Paw Castle is excited to announce the official release of their Boxer Nutrition Guide. The site’s team of writers have been working behind the scenes for weeks to bring owners of this small-but-energetic breed the information they need to select the best possible dog food for their pet. Readers can access the new diet and feeding guide under the “Health” tab at

“Originally from Germany, Boxers are short-haired, loyal, intelligent dogs. Weighing up to 70 lbs, they're very active, energetic and requires daily exercise. Hence, Boxers should be on a specific type of diet for a healthy and active lifestyle," reports Mark Kent, spokesman for PawCastle.

Kent further commented, “Knowing what a challenge it is to find top-quality dog food for Boxers, our team took it upon themselves to help these dog owners out. We’ve created an easy-to-use dog nutrition guide that points them to five of the very best brands and products, ranking them in order of our favorites and giving them an in-depth explanation for our findings.”

Because Boxer nutrition can be a tricky topic to master, PawCastle sought to give owners of this breed a plethora of practical information they could use to determine the best route to take for their particular pet. That’s why this nutrition guide also features expert recommendations for tweaking a Yorkie’s diet based on their age. Pet parents will also find advice on adjusting macronutrients, selecting wet, dry, or raw food, and how to beat allergies and hypoglycemia with proper nutrition.

Kent went on to say, “Boxers are no doubt one of the most fun and exciting dog breeds to own. It is our hope that the nutrition advice we’re offering will help these pet parents enjoy their dogs to the fullest for many years to come.”

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