Paul Corcoran, DDS Announces Day for Free Dental Care for Anyone Who Needs Their Help offers gentle dentistry for adults and children using state-of-the-art equipment and features a free dental day yearly so patients can obtain a cleaning, filling or extraction.

In a recent study, only 52.5% of adults reported visiting a dentist every six months. Nearly one in five reported a failure to obtain dental services in the past few years. Over 40% of adults overlook necessary dental care because of the cost and only 14 percent skip the dental care because of a lack of time to schedule an appointment.

The lack in dental care for many adults and children means 17.5% of children and 27.4% of adults have an untreated cavity. An estimated 75% of adults have undiagnosed gum disease.

Paul Corcoran, DDS wants to help change these numbers and help people obtain the right dental care. "Find gentle dentistry for your children at PaulCorcoranDDS. We offer a variety of state-of-the-art services designed to make a dental visit comfortable, personalized and affordable."

He urges parents to obtain the needed dental care as well. "Get gentle family dentistry with Paul Corcoran DDS and Megan Danforth DDS. We offer affordable prices and comprehensive services." He suggests patients who are worried about pain or discomfort during their treatment try the sedation dental treatments.

"Patients wake up with a beautiful smile without the discomfort they might have felt if they weren't sedated," Corcoran states. "This is perfect for anyone who is afraid of needles or shots, who has had a prior bad experience, who gags when having dental work done, or who has a problem responding to traditional numbing techniques."

The dental office offers help for those who need preventative care, emergency care, and cosmetic care to ensure everyone can obtain the services from one location. The dentists work with both children and adults so the entire family can go to a single dentist and arrange the appointments to fit their busy lifestyle. The office understands that many of their patients have work or school and strives to help them find an appointment around these times.

As an additional way to help reduce the number of people who do not visit a dentist regularly, Paul Corcoran, DDS offers a free dental day in October of every year. On this day, he aims to help as many patients as he can. Patients are given the option for one dental cleaning, one filling, or one extraction.

Paul Corcoran and his associates have been offering this for a few years as a way to give back to the community and to ensure everyone has a chance to obtain dental care, even if the person cannot afford it. Patients will be seen on a first come, first serve basis, so Corcoran urges patients to arrive early.

About Paul Corcoran, DDS:

The dentists at this practice have extensive knowledge in all aspects of dentistry. The dentists aim to help their patients acquire a healthy, beautiful smile without the pain or fear many people associate with dental treatments. The dental practice has been recognized as a leader in the healthcare community for the commitment to patients, quality of care, community service and leadership.

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