PatrolPest Publishes Important Pest Disease Warning

Roaches and flies can spread deadly diseases to the average homeowner, warns

Most people think pest species are nasty, but not too many consider the basis for what seems to be an instinctual response. It turns out that there is a very good reason for the natural desire to keep pests out of homes, offices, and restaurants: Pests can spread serious or even fatal diseases.

Many pest species, like roaches and flies, don't start out "polluted" with germs. However, they pick up germs from locations like garbage bins or storage areas for meat offal and then spread them all over as they walk on other things. This is especially problematic in places like meat packing plants and other food production facilities. A couple of diseased roaches can contaminate entire production runs and sicken thousands of people once the food is distributed.

"In the home, the spread of disease is still a risk worthy of stopping with good pest control Houston. There, germs can be picked up from garbage bins or toilets and then spread to the residents when the pests walk or fly elsewhere. Pests can also pick up germs from neighboring garbage bins or houses and send them throughout the area," said Andrew Jake Martinez of PatrolPest, a company that offers consumers quotes from local pest control service providers.

Roaches and flies aren't the only pests that do this. Mice and rats are also very deserving of the attentions of a professional who provides pest control Houston Texas. The rodents don't just spread disease directly. They also carry fleas and other parasites that can harbor diseases, and these parasites can spread the problems to humans by biting. The bubonic plagues were spread by contaminated fleas that rode into port towns on ship rats. While "the plague" is very rare today, it's just one disease that can be spread by rodents or their parasites.

Mosquitoes don't usually elicit that "gross" response, but their itchy bites motivate people to get rid of them just as well or even better. It turns out that this is a health-promoting reaction as well. Mosquitoes carry diseases ranging from West Nile Virus to malaria. While it's hard to completely get rid of these pests thanks to their ability to fly in from neighboring lands, they can be greatly diminished with a good program for outdoor pest control Houston TX.

"Many pest species cause problems far worse than simple visual discomfort," Martinez said. "That's why restaurants or other food production companies get shut down if there are any of certain species alive in their buildings. People should use similar standards at home, and call for pest control if they have roaches, mice, or any other disease-bearing pests in their houses or apartments. This will help keep them healthy as well as eliminate a nuisance."

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