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Effective pest control requires more than spraying every bug in sight, reports Patrol Pes.

When pests invade a home, there is a temptation to spray them all with the most potent poisons possible. Pest control experts, however, say that this is not the right thing to do to get effective results. Instead, careful baiting and barrier spraying are far more effective tactics.

"Madly spraying visible insects gets rid of the individuals that are hit," said Andrew Jake Martinez of PatrolPest, an exterminator recommendation site, "but it also leaves a residue that other insects will actively avoid. This leaves the remaining insects untouched by the pesticide, and they just continue their infestation as if nothing happened."

This problem is especially obvious when roaches are involved. Most people find roaches to be extremely disgusting, so the desire is to get rid of them immediately. Alas, the real solution for pesticide-based roach control is to use baits. This allows each roach to get some poison and share it with other roaches before dying. The sharing behavior allows well-hidden roaches to end up getting as much poison as the ones that have come into the open. There is one downside to bait-based pest control Pflugerville TX, and that's that it can take two or three weeks to see full results. However, it is possible to attain a goal of zero or near-zero roaches with baits, while sprays and other immediate pesticides won't come close to that result.

"Another thing people need to do is take steps to augment the effects of chemical pest control Pflugerville Texas," Martinez said. "Customers need to begin a program of being super-clean and clutter-free in order to get rid of certain pests. Roaches can live on dirty dishes that are left in the kitchen overnight, mice can harbor in clutter, and flies can get to every little piece of dropped food. Pest insects and rodents also like to have water sources nearby. By making everything sparkling clean and dry, pests are deprived of harborage and find life much harder. Pests are also more likely to go for baits when there's nothing else around for them to eat."

Cleaning efforts can be discouraging at times because pests don't just move out once a home has been fully cleaned. Instead, they will usually increase their foraging efforts and become more visible than before. That's because after housecleaning, the pests start to starve and get more and more desparate for food, but they aren't convinced that there'll never be food in the area again. This is actually a good thing. It makes them far more likely to find and eat the bait that has been left out for them. Once they eat the bait, it won't be long before the entire pest colony is eradicated.

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