Patriot Power Greens Confronts Brain Fog and Memory Loss in Seniors

The Patriot Health Alliance has teamed up with Dr. Lane Sebring to create Patriot Power Greens, consisting of all-natural ingredients that fight chronic inflammation, a condition which causes seniors many problems including brain fog and memory loss.

“Senior moments” occur occasionally in those over 50 years old and fairly regularly for many above 65, according to a psychology postdoctoral research associate at the University of Illinois who studies the relationship between memory and lifestyle. Kirk Erickson says senior moments are the result of a decline in brain activity, as reported by WebMD.

These senior moments – forgetting someone’s name… repeating what was said five minutes previously… failing to remember where keys were left or where a car was parked – are part of the reason Patriot Power Greens was created.

Dr. Lane Sebring, who joined forces with the Patriot Health Alliance to create Patriot Power Greens, said, “Chronic inflammation in the brain leads to the loss of dopamine neurons, and when that dopamine loss occurs too often, memory loss can result.

“That’s exactly why Patriot Power Greens was created. Its ingredients are known for their ability to quash chronic inflammation. It’s a revolutionary new greens product made from the fruits and vegetables that people have always trusted to improve health and to improve their quality of life,” added Sebring, who was a board examiner for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Patriot Power Greens contains 38 fruits and vegetables – including beets and kale, which are widely known to fight chronic inflammation. It also includes 10 probiotic strains and seven digestive enzymes in each serving.

Studies have shown that seniors gain a boost in mental performance after taking daily doses of spirulina, which is why it is included, as well as three other sea vegetables, in Patriot Power Greens.

In fact, medical researcher Robert Henrikson says that spirulina causes actions in the central nervous system to counteract oxidative stress and inflammation that occur as a consequence of aging, and that it aids in the regeneration of the brain following injury or neurodegenerative disease.

There are only 10 calories per serving in this good-tasting and nutritious beverage, with no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, gluten, soy, dairy, wheat, nuts, eggs, fish or shellfish. A serving consists of one scoop of Patriot Power Greens stirred into water, juice or a smoothie.

Patriot Power Greens comes with both a 100 percent and 200 percent money-back guarantee.

About Dr. Lane Sebring:

Dr. Sebring is a licensed medical doctor in private practice in Wimberley, Texas. The Air Force veteran specializes in anti-aging therapies and in disease reversal. He has been prominently featured on Fox News and National Public Radio.

About Patriot Power Greens:

Patriot Power Greens is a good-tasting and nutritious beverage containing 38 fruits and vegetables, 10 probiotic strains and seven digestive enzymes in each serving. These ingredients are known for their ability to quash chronic inflammation, the root cause of many health conditions.

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