Paterson Chiropractor Adds Car Accident Injury Therapies To Specialization Areas

The chiropractor in Paterson NJ has the skills and knowledge to provide victims of car accidents with relief from pain and recovery from injuries. The methods are always natural and non-invasive.

The practice of Dr. Ricardo Lalama, D.C. ( has the methods and knowledge to provide specialized care for victims of automobile accidents. The Paterson chiropractor provides the range of techniques which help to restore patients to full health and wellness. Chiropractic techniques are non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical. They are gentle, yet effective. The practice is available in Paterson, Clifton and Passaic, New Jersey. The team of chiropractic professionals has accrued more than 37 years of solid clinical experience and expertise in the field.

The Paterson chiropractic team has the knowledge and experience to treat a myriad of car accident injuries. These include neck pain, back pain, numbness and tingling, muscle stiffness, headaches and other possible symptoms. The chiropractic care for motor vehicle accidents includes a carefully planned, meticulous, careful and personalized treatment plan for the accident victim's specific injuries. The care plan may include a specific schedule of chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue massages and trigger point therapy in order to restore optimum health to the spine and surrounding muscles and tissues.

According to a representative of the chiropractor in Paterson NJ, “Car accidents are uncompromising affairs; they are potentially dangerous as they can cause serious injuries to your muscles, tendons, disc, ligaments, and nerves. While surgeries and medications are the typical “go-to” treatments for the victims of car accidents, there is a much better alternative. That is to consult with a specialized professional.

Professional chiropractors are well-aware of hidden injuries from vehicle accidents. They possess a profound level of expertise in treating such patients on a regular basis. A car injury may be hidden until months or even years without revealing the slightest pain or discomfort. Chiropractors are exclusively trained to detect such hidden injuries. They will perform various orthopedic and neurological tests in order to assess structural damage, soft tissue damage, muscle strength, the range of motion in the spinal joints, and proper nerve function that other medical practitioners may miss.

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