Paternity Test UK Launches A Mail Order Paternity Test With Money Back Guarantees

Paternity Test UK has created a mail based service for individuals to give their saliva samples and have DNA paternity tests performed in a remote, high quality lab with a new money back guarantee.

Paternity Test UK has announced today that they offer a mail-based service for DNA paternity tests. The individuals collect their saliva at home, using the mailing kit, and return the samples to the laboratory. The test is performed in a high quality lab and comes with a money back guarantee.

Artificial insemination has helped many women in the United Kingdom become pregnant.
When a woman is unable to conceive naturally, sperm from her partner or from a donor can be used to fertilise her eggs in vitro prior to insemination. However, since this process is labour-intensive, human errors can cause devastating mistakes. At the clinic, sperm vials are marked by a serial number on a sticky label, and sometimes the labels are switched accidentally. In many known cases, sperm from the wrong donor has been used to inseminate the eggs. In these situations, only a paternity test can determine who the real donor was.

Although many women believe that the father of their children is their partner, the reality is that he might be a complete stranger. In cases where another man is claiming to be the father, a confirmation from a DNA test should be obtained.

The DNA test results are at least 99.9% accurate and are recognized by the Ministry of Justice.
If a paternity case is heard in a family court, the evidence that is provided by an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory such as the one used by Paternity Test UK will be accepted. This gives peace of mind for all parties. It can be used to claim compensation from clinics, to obtain child support or to protect a man from being held legally responsible for a child who is not his own.

A spokesperson for Paternity Test UK explained, “The Guardian covered a story where a man, who had donated sperm to a lesbian couple, was being asked to pay child support. Since 2005, the sperm donor is now regarded as the legal father even if his name is not on the birth certificate. Therefore, he might be expected to pay child support even if he has never met the mother or the child. Only a DNA test done by an accredited company can confirm his paternity. Our service is backed by a full satisfaction guarantee.”

About Paternity Test UK:
Paternity Test UK offers paternity test via the mail that are confidential and meet standards as set out by ISO/IEC 17025. The test is affordable, quick and very accurate.

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