Patapsco Bike And Sport To Host Sunday Rides

Patapsco Bike And Sport in Frederick, Maryland,will be hosting countryside bike rides.

Those who live for the Tour de France, would rather bike to the mall than ride in a car or who live for the weekend for a nice bike ride through the country know that a cheaply made bike is just that, cheaply made. The serious cyclist in Fredrick, Maryland knows that Patapsco Bike And Sport has what they need and how they need it.

“Patapsco caters to the serious cyclist. Those who ride for hours on the weekends, schedule group cycling and train their kids to ride before walking,” said Steve Gordon of Blulo – Patapsco’s marketing firm.

Frederick bike shop has a full selection of bikes designed to meet the exacting needs of specialized riders. Their mountain bike line has full shock absorbers, light weight but sturdy frames and large, knobby tires. Their road bikes have thinner tires, more gears and ride considerably higher in the seat. There is also a full line of kids’ bikes and hybrids.

“If Patapsco does not have the bike for a cyclist, there is not a bike in existence,” Gordon continued.

Each Saturday, Patapsco hosts a ride through Fredrick and the Maryland countryside. All riders, experienced and novices, are welcome to attend. Most rides are approximately 20 miles long. Weekday rides are common in the Spring and Summer, when long evening hours make for pleasant rides.

“Patapsco has a Facebook page announcing rides, length and directions. Families are encouraged, and kids are especially welcome,” said Gordon.

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