‘Passions and Pleasures’, Twelve Sensual Tales by Katie Santee, Leave Lasting Impressions

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‘Hot stuff’, the story that had readers wanting for more, is back!

“Passions and Pleasures” by Katie Santee features a new set of sensual stories, twelve remarkable pieces that will last long with their touch of fun, laughter, subtle teasing, and never before seen and hot burning sex. Also included by popular demand are, ‘Jamie Lee Awakens’ and ‘She’s Mine’.

Going beyond sensual pleasure, Katie’s stories carry hints of love, romance, and innocence, that never fail to impress her fans and readers. While the lusty passages titillate, the meaningful ones leave a lasting impression.

Katie has earned a fan following for writing with many shades of humor, subtle seduction and alluring acts. Her first book, “You Were Mine For A Time” earned her praise, especially for two stories, ‘Hot Stuff’ and ‘A New Kind of Love’, both of which are back in the new work, the latter with a surprise twist ending.

“Whatever your fantasy is, I'm sure you will find something to your liking in this hot, sexy, erotic short story book,” says Katie Santee.

“The book kept me wanting to read more. Very Nicely written, and left me breathless,” says a reader review.

Katie Santee is an erotic romance writer of short stories. Married with three sons and a daughter, she is also a grandmother of ten. Katie loves to cook, cross stitch, crocheting, and playing internet games. She is a fan of Lora Leigh and Erin McCarthy, and her favorite movie is ‘Gone With The Wind’. Her husband is her greatest fan and encourages her to continue with her writing as she reaches for new fantasies to thrill her readers.

“Passions and Pleasures” by Katie Santee is available from Amazon in hardcover, paperback and Kindle editions. These stories carry some real hot action as never seen before, and readers risk losing themselves in a world of delightful ecstasy. As Katie likes to say, “May All Your Fantasies Come True!”

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