Passengers Stuck for 40 Hours on Amtrak Train in Oregon Resumed Journey By Going Backwards

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Passengers Evaluate EDC Preparedness After Being Stranded Onboard Train

The Amtrak Coast Starlight Train 11 which was bound to Los Angeles from Seattle resumed journey after nearly 40 hours stranded in rural Oregon by going backward to Seattle, though delays were expected along the route due to snowy weather conditions.

The train, which carried 183 passengers and was reported to have babies and children on board, was towed by a Union Pacific locomotive. Apart from children and babies, a group of 20 students from Japan was also on the train when the fiasco happened. According to reports, the Coast Starlight Train 11 was forced to stop due to a fallen tree blocking the track in Oregon, Sunday evening. It was stuck near Oakridge, a small town that was experiencing a power outage after being covered in heavy snow.

According to interviews, travelers were running out of food and water despite Amtrak s efforts to provide free food and water from its onboard stock. Hygiene products such as diapers and female sanitary products were also running low.

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