Partners In Fire Releases New System To Help People Discover Their Passions

Finding your passion in life can be an immense struggle for many people. Recently, the Partners in Fire blog released a system to help ordinary people discover their passions and get tips on how to start pursuing them. It is available on their website.

Pursuing one’s passion in life is something that many people want to do, but they are unsure as to where they should start the process. Individuals often have a number of things that they are passionate about, and they look for ways in which they can turn that passion into a significant part of their lifestyle. What can be done?

Partners in Fire founder and writer Melanie Allen has been following her passion for a number of years, and recently released an extensive guide about how to find your passion and what you can do in order to make that passion a career (or, at the very least, a “side gig,” so to speak).

Allen takes a practical approach when it comes to determining passion, first by explaining what passion is in the first place. In the blog, she explains that “When we talk about how to find your passion, we aren’t talking about passionate love. We are talking about a life purpose. A thing that gives your life meaning and fulfillment and that makes you excited to get out of bed and pursue it every morning. It’s a thing that you love to do and that enriches your life.”

The article then goes on to explore a number of ideas around passion, including how to tell a passion from an interest; creativity in pursuing your passion; and whether or not your passion needs to be monetized in the first place. She also goes into the psychology behind pursuing your passion and what a big deal it can be for those who are looking to live their best life.
Throughout the article, Allen shares a number of worksheets and other resources that she developed so that individuals can go on their own journey toward finding their passion. These worksheets are filled with essential questions that need to be considered, and that Allen considered on her own journey toward living out her passion.

The post is a full-fledged guide that Allen hopes that people will be able to use as they break out of the 9 to 5 work cycle and start following their passions. The intent is to help people live their best lives, and she warns people that the process will take work. Check out the guide at

PartnersinFire is a blog started by Melanie Allen in 2017. Allen’s goal was to document her journey toward financial independence and to provide resources for individuals who were looking to do the same. Partners in Fire focuses on topics such as productivity, investing and saving money, starting a dream career, and more. More info about Partners in Fire can be found at their website,

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