Partners In Fire Releases Guide About Discord And Discord Servers For Content Creators

Discord is a popular chat app where anyone can set up or join Discord Servers (community chat rooms) for any area of interest. Partners in Fire recently released a comprehensive guide exploring Discord Servers and how content creators can use them effectively.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world have been trying to find new and innovative ways to connect with one another. This is especially true for those who make content online – how are they supposed to connect with their audience beyond their comment sections?

One of the apps that has seen an immense increase in use is Discord. In short, anyone is able to put together Discord Servers, essentially chat rooms, targeted toward a common interest, a website’s followers, or just a group of friends. Then, the moderator of the server is able to create “channels” based on categories. It also offers voice and video chat. People can also private message other users if they are friends on the app or if they share a mutual server.

Financial independence and lifestyle website Partners in Fire has been using Discord for a time, and they have seen an increase in interaction and excitement behind what they are doing as a result. Because of this, founder Melanie Allen realized that other content creators could utilize Discord’s immense repertoire of resources in order to engage their own audiences.

According to Allen, “Discord servers are great places to meet new people and make new friends. It’s an easy way to find people with similar interests, whether that be a specific type of music, a specific game, or a specific type of content. They are also great places to network and collaborate with content creators in your niche. The possibilities with Discord servers are endless.”

With so many possibilities, it’s not a surprise that many content creators have turned to Discord in order to create a more intimate environment with their communities. But, for those who haven’t jumped on the trend yet, Allen decided that an all-inclusive guide was going to be the best way to help fellow content creators to get on board.

The guide explores what Discord is, how it is used, how to find servers, and even how to start a server. There are multiple links to outside resources about Discord and how it works, and a full dive into bots and emotes, both of which are popular on the platform. She even takes the time to explore some of the problems Discord has, as well.

Allen hopes that her guide helps even more content creators to jump on the Discord bandwagon and see growth in their own communities.

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